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The Yiga Clan Exam

Vincent Lau

If you need help passing "The Yiga Clan Exam" iconThe Yiga Clan Exam in Tears of the Kingdom, you’re in the right place.

How to Begin The Yiga Clan Exam

Even Yiga Clan members need to take exams…

You can receive this tricky side adventure from the "Yiga Blademaster" iconYiga Blademaster inside "Yiga Blademaster Station" iconYiga Blademaster Station, north from "Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower" iconGerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, along the side of the cliff, near the waterfall.

To enter though, you’ll need to wear the full Yiga Clan attire, consisting of the "Yiga Mask" iconYiga Mask, "Yiga Armor" iconYiga Armor and "Yiga Tights" iconYiga Tights. These can be obtained as part of another side adventure, "Infiltrating the Yiga Clan" iconInfiltrating the Yiga Clan.

Locations of the Frog Statues

(1 of 5) Under the bridge near "Yiga Blademaster Station" iconYiga Blademaster Station.

Your mission is to locate five frog statues and place some "Mighty Bananas" iconMighty Bananas on the offering plate. You’ll be given 5 Bananas; if you accidentally misplace or eat some, you can grab more from the "Yiga Clan Hideout" iconYiga Clan Hideout or around "East Necluda" iconEast Necluda.

  1. Under the bridge near the "Yiga Blademaster Station" iconYiga Blademaster Station.
  2. Side of the cliff south from the "Yiga Blademaster Station" iconYiga Blademaster Station.
  3. Atop Spectacle Rock, near a "Stone Talus" iconStone Talus.
  4. Inside of "Gerudo Canyon Mine" iconGerudo Canyon Mine, west from the previous statue. The entrance is halfway up the cliff.
  5. Inside of "Mount Nabooru Cave" iconMount Nabooru Cave, north-east from the Spectacle Rock frog statue. It’s near the east entrance/exit.

Completing the Exam

Once you’ve offered bananas to all five frog statues, report back to the Blademaster. He’ll allow you to proceed through the door behind him.

Inside, there are chests containing a "Ruby" iconRuby and "Eightfold Longblade(♦)" iconEightfold Longblade(♦). Further ahead is the "Suariwak Shrine" iconSuariwak Shrine. Also, there’s a narrow gap to the right of the chests that leads to a sneaky "Bubbulfrog" iconBubbulfrog.


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