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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Jirutagumac Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete "Jirutagumac Shrine" iconJirutagumac Shrine: A Flying Device, which is found in the Lanayru region of the Sky Map in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). In this guide, you’ll find information on how to find the shrine, how to solve its puzzles and how to get the Jirutagumac Shrine treasure.

!Jirutagumac Shrine is found inside a large orb above !Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, in the Lanayru Sky region.

How to Reach Jirutagumac Shrine

Jirutagumac Shrine is found in the Lanayru Sky region (Map Marker). More specifically, it’s located just slightly to the west of Wellspring Island, nearby Zora’s Domain. To get to it, you’ll want to launch yourself from Upland Zorana Skyview Tower (Map Marker) and look out for the huge orb in the sky. Paraglide carefully down towards the orb, waiting for the opening to rotate to the top of the orb so you can drop down inside. Once inside, you’ll find the shrine as well as a Zonai Device Dispenser and a few zonai wing devices. If you want, you can stop the orb from continuously rotating by turning off the fan that’s spinning at the center of the orb.

After launching out of Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, position yourself above this floating orb and drop down into it via the rotating hole.

Jirutagumac Shrine: A Flying Device Puzzle Walkthrough

Jirutagumac Shrine’s puzzle is straightforward, but the solution is not immediately obvious. Your goal is to reach the other side of the shrine using the zonai wing devices to carry you across the vast cavern separating you and the end of the shrine. The slope right in front of you is there to deceive you, as using a zonai wing device on this initial slope won’t take you even half way to the end of the shrine!

As you first enter into the shrine, you’ll notice a zonai wing device to your left and device - before you glide down to the platforms below, use the rails in front of the wings to send them both of them down to the platforms on either side of the shrine. It’s important you send both of the zonai devices down to the two separate platforms as you’ll need them for different tasks in the next stage of this puzzle.


After sending the zonai wings down, head to the left and paraglide down onto the left most platform, where you’ll find some zonai carts continuously rolling down a slope. You need to attach the zonai wing you just sent down here onto one of the carts and then position it so that it rolls down the slope. The other carts roll down the hill and fall straight off the edge, but adding the wings allows for the cart to glide across the gap and onto the opposite platform!

Attach the wings to one of the carts and send it down the slope so it flies to the opposite platform.

Head over to the other platform yourself by paragliding, then pick up the wing-cart device and take it onto the upper part of the platform up ahead. Before we continue with the main puzzle, let’s take a detour and grab the treasure chest in this shrine!

How to Get the Jirutagumac Shrine treasure

The treasure chest is found on a small ledge, fairly high up on the right most wall, just above the platform. You can ascend to it but there’s a gap beneath the ledge stopping you from being able to reach it. To be able to ascend up to it, you’ll want to use your wing-cart device to bridge the gap beneath the treasure chest platform. Then, from here you can step onto your zonai device and ascend up to loot the chest for a "Large Zonaite" iconLarge Zonaite.

(1 of 2) Use the zonai wings as a platform below the treasure chest then ascend up

Use the zonai wings as a platform below the treasure chest then ascend up (left), the chest contains a Large Zonaite. (right)

After grabbing your treasure, hop back down and pick up the wing-cart device and place it at the back of this platform, facing towards the end of the shrine. You want it to be centered on the runway part of the platform, and make sure to place it as far back as possible so it can get a good run up - a bit like a real airplane!

Before you can set off on your makeshift airplane, you’ll need to attach the fan nearby to the back of the wing-cart device. Once you’ve stepped onto the airplane device and positioned yourself in the middle of it, hit the fan to get it to start and away you go!


The journey is a little further than you might expect and if you feel like you’re veering off to the side a bit you can stand a little to the left or right to control the movement of the makeshift airplane. Once you’re close enough to the end part of the shrine, you can hop off and paraglide the rest of the way. Interact with the end of the shrine to finish up and earn your "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing.

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