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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Ancient City Gorondia Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

Upon reaching Goron City, Link will be limited in his actions as the location has been consumed by Marbled Rock Roast. This means that many of the side quests won’t activate until you have finished the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple. Luckily, there are still a few you can do like the Gorondia line. This consists of two quests with very similar names: "The Ancient City Gorondia!" iconThe Ancient City Gorondia! and "The Ancient City Gorondia?" iconThe Ancient City Gorondia?. The guide below goes over how to complete both quests and where to find Dugby in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Speak with Dugby to start The Ancient City Gorondia quest line.

How to Start The Ancient City Gorondia!

You will be able to start The Ancient City Gorondia! as soon as you reach !Goron City. There are two parts to this quest line, both of which are rather short once you get them started. This is a simple quest, just speak to the young Goron, Dugby, to start it. Dugby is located near the mine cart track to Yunobo HQ up from Marakuguc Shrine. He will tell you that he needs to get his mine cart going in order to search for the legendary hidden city of Gorondia. Simply pick up the mine cart next to him after accepting the quests and place it on the tracks. There should be a Fan nearby, attach it and then speak with Dugby again. Tell him that the cart is ready and he should try it now. Dugby will move into the cart. Get in it with him and activate the !Fan.

(1 of 5) Find Dugby near the mine cart track that leads to Yunobo HQ.

Once you reach the other side of the tracks, Dugby will give you a "Zonai Charge" iconZonai Charge as a reward and runoff. Don’t follow him as this won’t lead to the second part of the quest. Instead, you should look into doing another quest or returning to !Goron City as it will take quite some time before the second part of the quest will appear.

Where to Find Dugby to Start The Ancient City Gorondia?

Unlike other quests, The Ancient City Gorondia?, not to be confused with the first part The Ancient City Gorondia!, can’t be started right away. Instead, you will need to wait for Dugby to appear in !Goron City next to the Goron City Armor Shop. Sleeping at an Inn doesn’t seem to make Dugby hurry up, so you will need to pass two in-game days before you have a chance of seeing him. Sometimes it will take a few more days as it seems Dugby has a strange spawn time, just keep checking back as you play and he will eventually appear. Some players have reported around five to seven days before Dugby will show up to the quest location. If you need something to do, then check out some of the other nearby quests like "Amber Dealer" iconAmber Dealer. After some time has passed, teleport out of !Goron City, to let everything spawn in and then return.

(1 of 4) After a few in-game days pass, find Dugby next to the Goron City Armor Shop.

With a bit of luck, you should now be able to speak with Dugby. Once you do the quest The Ancient City Gorondia? will start. Follow Dugby, who will run off saying he doesn’t want Link’s help, to the mine cart track next to the city gate. You will need to attach the nearby !Fan and put the cart back on the track. Once your done speak with Dugby and tell him to get in the mine cart. Hop in behind him and hit the fan to start moving, you will notice that there are several rocks on the tracks blocking your path. You won’t be able to break them with weapons or "Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flowers. Instead, you will need to use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to pick them up and drop them off the track. Keep in mind that if you try to use a bomb and knock the mine cart off the track, you will need to start over from the start.

Don’t worry as your mine cart will run into the rocks naturally. Just move the rocks out of the way at each blockage and continue on. Once you reach the end of the track Dugby will resume his quest for Gorondia in the new area and give you a "Large Zonai Charge" iconLarge Zonai Charge as a parting gift. This is the last part of the Gorondia quest line, following Dugby will lead you into a cave that has the start of the Mine-!Cart Land quest line. Keep in mind that this quest will only appear if you’ve completed the Fire Temple and gotten rid of the Marbled Rock Roast all over !Goron City.

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