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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Pony Point Rewards and How to Earn Them

Jessica Dillon

One of the best features in Tears of The Kingdom is the stables. These give Link a place to heal, pass time, find quests, and cook. You can also join the local rewards program of Hyrule to earn Pony Points. These can be redeemed for rewards that you can’t get anywhere else, but it will take you some time to get them all. The guide below goes over how to earn Pony Points and all the rewards you will get by making your way to 50 points.

You can unlock Pony Points by visiting a stable for the first time.

How to Earn Pony Points

You can earn Pony Points by doing a variety of stable-related tasks. Many of these will be earned naturally if you play the game. You will need to earn 50 Pony Points to obtain every reward in the rewards catalog, which can be done rather quickly here are all the ways that you can earn Pony Points in Tears of The Kingdom.

  • Finding a Stable For The FirstTime
  • Registering a "Horse" iconHorse
  • Sleeping at a Stable
  • Finishing Side Quests

Every time you find a new stable, talk to the clerk at the front desk to earn a Pony Point. There are 18 Stables in the game, so you can earn 18 points this way. Each time you catch and register a wild horse, you will also gain a Pony Point. If you stay the night at a stable, you will gain a Pony Point for each night you stay. You won’t earn bonus points for picking the more expensive sleeping options, so skip these if you’re just looking to gather points. Additionally, there are four side quests that give out Pony Points

Each of The Picture For quests will give you a single Pony Point, there are 18 in total one for each stable location. "Piaffe, Packed Away" iconPiaffe, Packed Away also gives a single point while An Uninvited Guest and The Horse Guard’s Request will give two Pony Points each. Even if you visit every stable and do all of the side quests, you will need to register a few horses or stay the night at a few stables to max out your Pony Points.

All Pony Point Rewards

Below are all rewards and how many Pony Points it takes to unlock them. Some of these are permanent features like the "Towing Harness" iconTowing Harness and Saddle varieties, while others like "Sleepover Ticket" iconSleepover Tickets are consumables.

Pony Point Cost Pony Point Reward
3 "Towing Harness" iconTowing Harness
5 "Horse-God Fabric" iconHorse-God Fabric
7 Unlocks Melanya Bed Option
10 "Horse" iconHorse Slot
13 Traveler’s Saddle and Traveler’s Bridle
16 "Horse" iconHorse Mane Styling
20 "Horse" iconHorse Slot
23 Knight’s Saddle and Knight’s Bridle
26 Extravagant Saddle and Extravagant Bridle
30 "Horse" iconHorse Slot
35 "Horse" iconHorse Slot
40 Stable services Half-off
45 x5 "Sleepover Ticket" iconSleepover Tickets
50 x3 "Endura Carrot" iconEndura Carrots

Keep in mind that you can’t use your Pony Points if you’re at a small stable. Every large stable has a catalog on the counter where you can spend your points. While you don’t need many of the cosmetics, the Towing Harness is needed in order to unlock the Eldin Great "Fairy" iconFairy.

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