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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Master Kohga at Abandoned Hebra Mine

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into many bosses during the course of your adventure, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of which will be Master Kohga. You will first encounter him during A Mystery in the Depths, when you go for the Autobuild ability. After that, you will have to chase him through the Depths three more times, with this fight at !Abandoned Hebra Mine being the fourth, and final, encounter.

Kohga will unleash his ultimate weapon at the Hebra Mine.

Where to Find the Abandoned Hebra Mine in Tears of the Kingdom

The Abandoned Hebra Mine is located in the Hebra region, but it’s not an easily accessible spot, as it is surrounded by mountains. That means any nearby chasms might not work here, so you’ll have to find one that directly links to the mine. Luckily, there is a chasm in Rito Village, but it’s kind of hidden. If you haven’t been to Rito Village yet, then you will need to find a way into it, since the main bridge is broken. Right next to the broken bridge, there will be a campfire, which is the key to getting past the bridge.

If you have never tried it before, tossing a "Hylian Pine Cone" iconHylian Pine Cone onto a fire will cause a huge updraft. You should be able to find one of these on the ground by the nearby trees, so you’ll have to search for one if you don’t happen to have one already in your inventory. Once you make it past the broken bridge, the rest of the way to the village will be unimpeded. When you reach the village, head towards the southeastern portion and look for a lower ledge that you can drop down to. There should be a NPC here, named "Ponnick" iconPonnick, so speak to him to gain the location of the chasm.

(1 of 6) Speak to the NPCs by the broken bridge to get a tip on how to cross it.

As it turns out, the "Rito Village Chasm" iconRito Village Chasm is underneath the village, similarly to the Chasm Under Zora’s Domain, so it wouldn’t show up on the map. You’ll need to jump off of the ledge and glide into the hole in the side of the rock, then you will be able to jump into the chasm. Once you reach the Depths, make sure you activate the "Sikatag Lightroot" iconSikatag Lightroot nearby to make it nice and bright for your upcoming battle.

Master Kohga Boss - Abandoned Hebra Mine in Tears of the Kingdom

The final bout with "Master Kohga" iconMaster Kohga will have him piloting a mech robot. Despite the daunting task ahead of you, the battle isn’t too bad. Kohga will be exposed for most of the battle, so you should have an easier time hitting him with an arrow here, especially when compared to the previous battle. Unlike the previous battles, which had a more open arena, this bout will have a fence around it, complete with that fence being electrified. As far as attacks go in the first phase of the battle, Kohga will pretty much only be able to try and punch you with one of his arms. This is fairly easy to dodge, as you can just move away from him to avoid the attack.

Kohga will also put up a guard from time to time, especially if you’re sitting there and trying to aim a shot at him. There’s nothing you can do about this, other than wait it out. The simplest thing to do is to bait one of his melee attacks, back off a little bit to avoid it, then use that slight opening to fire an arrow. This will be most of the battle here, until you reach the half health threshold, which is when the battle will become a little trickier. He will add two new attacks in this second phase, which can be a pain to fully dodge.

(1 of 6) Kohga will run up to you and try to punch you with one of his arms.

The first attack will have Kohga fire two lasers from his arms and as they are firing, he will move them inward, essentially closing the gap. The best thing to do here is to run straight at Kohga, then underneath either arm to completely avoid the attack. The second attack will have Kohga conjure three bombs above his body, and he will send them one by one, in your direction. Using "Recall" iconRecall is ideal here, as the impact of the bombs on Kohga should stun and knock him out of the cockpit. You could try waiting for the third bomb to be thrown at you before using Recall, or just do it on the first one.

Upon defeating Kohga here, two chests will spawn, one of which will contain the "Huge Crystallized Charge" iconHuge Crystallized Charge. The other chest will have a "Diamond" iconDiamond in it, which seems to be your reward for this side adventure. Don’t forget to speak with the other Constructs here to get a "Schema Stone" iconSchema Stone, as well as open the forge shop at this mine.

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