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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Monster Parts And Materials in Tears of the Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

It’s no secret that every monster in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom has their own materials and parts that they drop when defeated. If you need a certain monster part, it can be hard to remember who drops what, as there are so many monsters and different variations, such as "Moblin" iconMoblins and "Silver Moblin" iconSilver Moblins. The guide below goes over every monster in the game and what they drop when defeated.

Fighting Gibdos in the Gerudo Desert.

What Are Monster Parts Used For?

Monster parts are used to upgrade your armor all the way to 20 at Great "Fairy" iconFairy Fountains. Most armor sets will take both a plant or ingredient like "Sundelion" iconSundelions, along with parts from a specific monster line. Some sets, like the Stealth armor set, don’t use any monster parts at all, while sets like the "Barbarian Armor" iconBarbarian Armor require you to harvest "Lynel" iconLynel parts, something best left to level players. In addition, monster parts can be used to make elixirs or to make a weapon stronger.

A Complete List of All Monster Parts

There are fifteen different categories of monsters below, including ones for misc enemies that don’t fit in with other groups. In addition to these items, enemies can also drop any weapons they are using. If you want help locating enemy spawns, then check out our interactive map here.

All Bokoblin Drops

Blue Bokoblins guarding it’s camp.

All Chuchu Drops

A Chuchu on the Great Sky Island.

All Construct Drops

A Construct in the Shrine of Light

All Gibdo Drops

Gibdo invading the Oasis in Gerudo Desert.

All Gleeok Drops

Enemy Item Drops
"Flame Gleeok" iconFlame Gleeok Gleeok Guts, Gleeok Flame Horn, Gleeok Wings
"Frost Gleeok" iconFrost Gleeok Gleeok Guts, Gleeok Frost Horn, Gleeok Wings
"King Gleeok" iconKing Gleeok Gleeok Flame Horn, Gleeok Frost Horn, Gleeok Guts, Gleeok Thunder Horn, Gleeok Wings
Thunder Gleeok Gleeok Guts, Gleeok Thunder Horn, Gleeok Wings

A downed Flame Gleeok at Lake Hylia.

All Horriblin Drops

Horriblins like to stick to the ceilings in caves.

All Keese Drops

Ice Keese in Herba Mountain.

All Like Like Drops

A Fire Like in the Fire Temple.

All Lizafalos Drops

The Lizalfos enemy in a cave.

All Lynel Drops

Enemy Item Drops
"Lynel" iconLynel x10 "Arrow" iconArrow, "Lynel" iconLynel Guts "Lynel" iconLynel Hoof, "Lynel" iconLynel Saber Horn, "Lynel" iconLynel Mace Horn
"Blue-Maned Lynel" iconBlue-Maned Lynel x10 "Arrow" iconArrow, "Lynel" iconLynel Guts "Lynel" iconLynel Hoof, Blue "Lynel" iconLynel Saber Horn, "Blue-Maned Lynel" iconBlue-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
"Silver Lynel" iconSilver Lynel x10 "Arrow" iconArrow, "Lynel" iconLynel Guts "Lynel" iconLynel Hoof, "Silver Lynel" iconSilver Lynel Saber Horn, "Silver Lynel" iconSilver Lynel Mace Horn
"White-Maned Lynel" iconWhite-Maned Lynel x10 "Arrow" iconArrow, "Lynel" iconLynel Guts "Lynel" iconLynel Hoof, "White-Maned Lynel" iconWhite-Maned Lynel Saber Horn, "White-Maned Lynel" iconWhite-Maned Lynel Mace Horn

A Black Lynel at Hyrule Ridge.

All Moblin Drops

Moblins in the Tabantha Tundra.

All Nature and Misc Enemy Drops

Enemy Item Drops
"Aerocuda" iconAerocuda "Aerocuda Eyeball" iconAerocuda Eyeball, "Aerocuda Wing" iconAerocuda Wing
"Evermean" iconEvermean "Acorn" iconAcorn, Bladed Rhino Beetle, "Chickaloo Tree Nut" iconChickaloo Tree Nut, Energetic Rhino Beetle, "Golden Apple" iconGolden Apple, "Hightail Lizard" iconHightail Lizard, Korok Food, Monster Extract, Rugged Rhino Beetle, "Sturdy Thick Stick" iconSturdy Thick Stick
"Frost Pebblit" iconFrost Pebblit "Amber" iconAmber, "Flint" iconFlint, "Sapphire" iconSapphire
Igneo Pebblit "Amber" iconAmber, "Flint" iconFlint, Ruby
"Little Frox" iconLittle Frox "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seed, "Giant Brightbloom Seed" iconGiant Brightbloom Seed, "Zonaite" iconZonaite
"Stone Pebblit" iconStone Pebblit "Amber" iconAmber, "Flint" iconFlint, "Opal" iconOpal

An Evermean in Hyrule Field.

All Octorok Drops

An Octorok in Faron Forest.

All Wizzrobe Drops

Wizzrobes actually don’t drop items other than some of the various weapons they are holding. This means that you don’t need to worry about farming this monster type to upgrade your armor in Tears of The Kingdom.

A Wizrobe at the base of Herba Mountain.

All Yiga Drops

The Yiga Clan in The Depths.

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