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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete the Ga-ahisas Shrine

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into a number of Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which are important, as they give you items that allow you to increase your maximum health and stamina. Some of these shrines don’t even offer puzzles inside them, as the puzzle is more about gaining access to the shrine itself. This is the case for the Ga-ahisas Shrine, which is located on !Lightcast Island. You will find all of the details on how to reach !Lightcast Island, as well as how to solve the puzzle to gain access to Ga-ahisas Shrine.

Lightcast Island is where you’ll find the Ga-ahisas Shrine.

How to Reach Lightcast Island in Tears of the Kingdom

First and foremost, Lightcast Island is in the Tabantha Sky Archipelago, so you will need to gain access to that area of the sky map. If you already have the Ganos Shrine available, then that is the best spot to fast travel to, as the island is just north of there. In fact, that will be the starting point, so follow the link above to find out how to get there. Just below that island with the shrine is an arena for a "Flux Construct III" iconFlux Construct III boss, but you don’t need to bother with the monster.

Instead, you want to drop down to the adjacent island, as it will have a prebuilt flying device on it. Before taking off, however, attach the rest of the nearby Batteries onto the device, as you might need them to actually reach the island. As mentioned before, you’re looking for the bigger island just north of the one with the aforementioned "Ganos Shrine" iconGanos Shrine. It’s also a good bit higher than the island with the flying device.

(1 of 2) Drop down to this island with the Flux Construct to find a flying device.

Drop down to this island with the Flux Construct to find a flying device. (left), Interact with the Dragon Ring to drain the water on Lightcast Island. (right)

How to Find Ga-ahisas Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you’ve landed on !Lightcast Island, you will see a pond, as well as a large mirror attached to a rock pillar. This mirror is shining some light into the cave, but you won’t be able to go inside, as it’s flooded. If you head to the northwestern portion of the island, you will find a Dragon Ring, so interact with it to make the water subside, leaving the pond dry. This will also drain the water inside the cave, so you’ll be able to enter it now. Note that the cave can be a little dark, so if you need to toss down a "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seed, do so.

Upon reaching the inside portion of the cave, there will be a little “altar” of sorts that has two Zonai Mirrors on it. The goal here is to use the mirrors to direct the light source from outside, around the cave, and to another mirror on the other side. You’ll place the first one right where the light is hitting the ground, then bring the second mirror to a little “island” in the water. From there, you will be directing the light to mirrors on the other two islands past that first one. For the final mirror in the chain, use a Brightbloom Seed to locate the opening and direct the light there.

(1 of 3) Use a bomb to break open the path to the cave.

You should be hitting another mirror that’s on the ceiling of the next room, shooting the light down into that same room. Head there and drop down, being aware of the Construct inside, right in front of a light switch. Defeat the Construct, then take its !Mirror Shield to reflect the light onto the switch. Note that if you climb to the ledge above that same switch, you will find a chest that contains the "Zonaite Helm" iconZonaite Helm, which is a great piece of armor.

(1 of 4) Look for the opening on the last island for the light to be reflected.

Upon triggering that switch, the walls in the room will go down, revealing some stairs. Take either set of stairs down to find the hidden room with the Ga-ahisas Shrine. Activate it, then head inside to see that there’s no puzzle for it, as the puzzle for !Lightcast Island was it. Open the chest for a "Star Fragment" iconStar Fragment, then head to the altar for the "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing.

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