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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tulin of Rito Village - How to Find Tulin

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to find Tulin during the "Tulin of Rito Village" iconTulin of Rito Village main quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This guide will include information on how to make your way through "Hebra South Summit Cave" iconHebra South Summit Cave

How to Find Hebra South Summit Cave

From Rito Village, you’ll need to head over to Hebra Trailhead Lodge. To get to this lodge from Rito Village, you’ll probably find it easiest to paraglide from Revali’s Landing across to the small pillar of rock half way across Lake Totori. From here you can replenish your stamina and cross over the rest of the lake using your paraglider and make your way north towards the Hebra Trailhead Lodge.

Head inside the lodge and speak with Harth, he’ll tell you to go out and search for Tulin in Hebra South Summit Cave. He says the cave is to the northeast of the lodge, and the entry is marked by a large bonfire!

Hebra South Summit Cave is to the north east.

Climb up the ladder to begin your ascent on the Mountain Climbing Path. If you want to take a useful detour, you could go and quickly activate the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower (Map Marker), which is to the left of this Mountain Climbing trail.

After activating the tower (or not!), continue up the natural snowy path and you’ll come across some "Ice Keese" iconIce Keese and a "Bokoblin" iconBokoblin. Continue heading up the path, keeping an eye to the left where you’ll find a bright bonfire blazing in a cave mouth - this is the entry into Hebra South Summit Cave!

(1 of 3) Head up the path, and look out for the Ice Keese.

Where is Tulin in Hebra South Summit Cave?

Once you’ve found Hebra South Summit Cave, you’ll want to speak to Laissa, a Rito found in the cave. She’ll tell you that Tulin is deeper into the cave, so looks like you’re going caving!

To the right of Laissa, you’ll immediately find some bramble thorns are blocking your path somewhat. If you’ve not got any fire fruit to hand, or a fire emitter fused weapon, consider using a torch to set fire to the brambles. You don’t have to set fire to them, as they don’t block your path entirely, but there is a small pond to the left with a fish and some mushrooms that you might like to loot!

(1 of 2) Head past the brambles (or burn them!)

Head past the brambles (or burn them!) (left), and then paraglide up to the upper level of the cave. (right)

Continue slowly and carefully past the brambles if you’ve not set fire to them into a large cavernous room. There’s a gust of wind coming from below, so you’ll be able to equip your paraglider and soar into the air - look for a small opening high up in the opposite wall and aim to land in there. A Horroblin will be patrolling this area, and the best way to deal with it will be to hit it with an arrow to get it to drop down, then you can shoot some more arrows or attack it with your melee weapon.

Horroblins are found in caves.

After dealing with the Horroblin, head further into the cave and you’ll find a small cave room with a camp fire and some flint and barrels. Look up and you’ll spot some more bramble thorns up on the walls - it’s hard to spot initially but there is a ledge up above the thorns that you’ll need to reach to progress through the cave. To get up there, you’ll definitely either need to fly up and paraglide over, or burn the brambles and climb up. Either method (unless you have a fan zonai device) will require you to build a campfire, which you can do using the flint. Hopefully you’ve been picking up some "Hylian Pine Cone" iconHylian Pine Cones around the Rito Village and Hebra region as they can be very useful for making huge gusts of wind when you throw them on fires. You can then equip your paraglide and make use of the gust to bring you to the ledge.

Use pine cones from the area outside to make a huge gust of wind from the fire!

If you don’t have any pine cones, instead you’ll want to use the fire to set ablaze your arrows to then burn away the brambles (or you can use "Fire Fruit" iconFire Fruit).

Once atop the ledge, you’ll find that there are even more brambles blocking your path. You’ll want to drop a flint near the brambles and then hit it with a metal or stone weapon and this will cause the thorns to set ablaze, clearing your path. In this next room, you’ll find a "Bubbulfrog" iconBubbulfrog which you’ll want to shoot at to earn its "Bubbul Gem" iconBubbul Gem! After looting the Bubbulfrog, head up the ledge on the back wall to continue out of the cave!

The Bubbulfrog is found in the room up ahead!

As you’ll have noticed by now, Tulin was no where to be seen inside the cave! Once you’re out of the cave you’ll need to make your way up to the top of the mountain - you’ll need to do a bit of climbing and then you’ll come across a curved path to the top where you’ll find Tulin!

Tulin is atop Talonto Peak.

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