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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Gerudo's Colossal Fossil Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

There are plenty of quest lines that you can use to learn more about Hyrule. In fact, there’s one with a character named Loone who is going around various regions to see the giant fossils left by long-dead Leviathans. "Gerudo's Colossal Fossil" iconGerudo’s Colossal Fossil is the third and final part of this quest line, and the trickiest to complete. The guide below goes over how to find !Loone once again and how to repair the baby Leviathan fossil.

For the final fossil quest, you need to repair a baby leviathan for Loone.

How to Repair The Baby Leviathan Fossil in TotK

You will start Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil as soon as you finish Hebra’s Colossal Fossil as it’s part of a longer quest chain. This time you will be heading into the desert, so be sure to use heat-resistant armor during the day or cold-resistant armor if you are traveling at night. The Fossil is located directly behind the Lighting Temple, in a cave that is easy to spot. The closest shrines that you can use to reach the location are the "Irasak Shrine" iconIrasak Shrine and the "Miryotanog Shrine" iconMiryotanog Shrine. There is some sinking sand around both shrines. You will need to walk a short distance, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to reach the cave.

Once you find the Gerudo Great Skeleton Cave, follow the path down until you see !Loone standing in front of the fossil. Speak with her, and she will move your attention to the baby leviathan skull directly in front of her. This time you will be piecing the baby back together using "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand.There is a Bubbul Frog in the back of the cave, and a chest containing a Topaz under a pile of sand near the large Leviathan’s tail fin. Once this is done, you will find a pile of sand across from Loon containing the baby’s tail. Use Tulin’s Gust or a Fan to blow away these sand piles. Once this is done, use Ultrahand to go ahead and move the tail next to the skull, don’t attack it but drop it beside the head.

(1 of 9) The last fossil is located behind the Lighting Temple.

You will now need to climb up the mother Leviathan as the torso of the baby is stuck in some breakable rocks above her head. You will want to keep a safe distance back and fire "Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flowers at the ceiling to free the Torso, this should only take around two hits. The torso should fall to the ground but if not use Ultrahand to drop it off above the baby’s head. You will now want to go to the skull and use Ultrahand to attach the head to the torso, and then the tail to the torso. Make sure all the bones line up before fusing them together. After this, go back to !Loone and speak with her again. She will be thrilled that you have restored the baby fossil and give you a "Purple Rupee" iconPurple Rupee for your trouble wrapping up the quest line.

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