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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Beckoning Woman Walkthrough

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete "The Beckoning Woman" iconThe Beckoning Woman side adventure, found at the Outskirt Stable in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Beckoning Woman Side Adventure.

This is one of 12 Lucky Clover Gazette side adventures that are found by interacting with different NPCs at various stables. Before you can access any of these stable side adventures (including this one), you’ll have to speak to "Traysi" iconTraysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette outside Rito Village in the Hebra Region. You can head over to our page on All Lucky Clover Gazette side quests for more information!

How to Start The Beckoning Woman Side Adventure

This side adventure can be started by speaking to "Penn" iconPenn at the Outskirt Stable (Map Marker) in Hyrule Field. When you speak to him, he’ll tell you that a woman down the road has been calling for help as her friend needs assistance.

Head over to the intersection to speak to the woman who needs help!

Where to Find the Beckoning Woman

The woman can be found at the cross roads just a short distance from the stable. When you speak to Ralera (the woman in question), she’ll tell you her blond-haired friend (Zelda??) needs help.

Ralera is the beckoning woman that needs your help to save her blond friend…Zelda??

First, she tells you to head down the road towards several enemies, including "Bokoblin" iconBokoblins and "Aerocuda" iconAerocudas. Aerocudas are quite weak and can be dealt with by shooting an arrow at them, but the Bokoblins might be a bit tougher depending on your own level! After dealing with the enemies speak with Ralera on the side of the road again. Next, she will ask you to climb up the tall cliff on the left and you’ll supposedly find her friend…getting a bit suspicious now. Climb up the cliff - you’ll want to find the shorter cliff a bit to the right so you can take a break half way up climbing. You’ll find her atop the cliff near the fallen sky rock.

She can be found atop the cliff near the fallen sky rock.

Finally, she’ll tell you to paraglide over to the Great Plateau where her friend is “waiting”…hmm. As you paraglide over to talk to her on the Great Plateau, she’ll reveal that she knows you’re Link, Zelda’s bodyguard…and she doesn’t seem to be happy about it.

Soon after, she’ll reveal that she’s actually a part of the evil and notorious Yiga Clan! She and her Yiga pals will ambush you!

How to Beat the Yiga Clan Soldiers

Yiga Soldiers can be quite difficult to fight when you have lower levelled weapons and fewer hearts. It is also quite tough to fight them in melee range as they’re very agile and have strong weapons. We recommend trying to shoot at them using your bow and arrow and applying buffs like fire fruit or Lightning "Chuchu Jelly" iconChuchu Jelly. Using elemental rod weapons can also be a good ranged alternative. They’re relatively weak HP-wise but can deal a lot of damage and will jump around and disappear a lot so you might find it tricky to actually hit them with your weapons. Watch out for the slam down attacks or the running charge attacks as these are the ones that’ll do the most damage!

Once they’ve been defeated, Penn will come down to speak with you. You’ll earn some Rupees based on how many Lucky Clover Gazette quests you’ve already completed.

(1 of 2) She’ll reveal herself to be a Yiga Soldier in disguise

She’ll reveal herself to be a Yiga Soldier in disguise (left), and her and her friends will ambush you. (right)

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