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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Flux Construct I On Great Sky Island

Jacob Woodward

In The Legend of Zelda, akin to that of other entries in the series, puts challenging bosses in your path, halting Link’s progress. Tears of the Kingdom is no different, and throws a whole host of different boss-like enemies in at various points in the game to test your combat skills.

One new enemy type that has been introduced in Tears of the Kingdom are the Constructs, Zonian technology that is still in operation despite how much time has passed since their creation.

While many of these !Constructs are pushovers, there is at least one that will give you a tough time - the Flux !Construct 1. Below, we’ll detail exactly how to beat Flux !Construct 1 in Tears of the Kingdom so you can eliminate this sky island boss and move toward getting back to the ground of Hyrule.

How to Beat Flux Construct 1 In Tears of the Kingdom

When you first approach Flux !Construct 1, you’re probably thinking that it will be a breeze since it looks like a very simple structure that isn’t going to do you much harm. However, as soon as you get recognised by that red laser, it all goes a little downhill.

The Flux Contrsuct 1 boss waiting to spot your with its red laser

The Construct quickly expands into a fighting formation resembling that of a square golem, ready to bash you into the ground. When this occurs, you’ll quickly be able to notice that there is one block of this behemoth that is not like the others.

This is a block that is emitting a green hue with what almost looks like an eye within. As you would expect, this is the place you’re going to be targeting to beat Flux !Construct 1, so ensure you’re holding down that ZL button Joy-Con-ZL and you’ll be able to directly lock on to it.

The Flux Construct 1 weak spot that you need to target

Before you start unloading, we recommend that you give yourself a bit of distance between you and the Construct as due to its size, it can do some longer range attacks with those large stone blocks.

Once you do get a lock on and you’ve got some space, the best way to get a hit off is to get that all-important bow out and fire an arrow straight at it. If you connect, the Flux !Construct will almost crumble into a pile of blocks, allowing you the opportunity to get up close and personal.

At this point, simply charge straight to the downed !Construct and get in as many hits as possible using whatever physical weapons you have in your arsenal. This will hopefully start making inroads on that health bar, so keep hacking away.

Strike when the time is right with your physical weapons

However, don’t think this is where the fight ends. After the attack window has finished, the Flux Construct will get straight back up and either go back to its initial formation, or into a new one. If it enters a different formation, the strategy doesn’t change, and you just need to keep your distance and aim for that green block.

(1 of 2) A second Flux !Construct 1 formation after doing enough damage

A second Flux !Construct 1 formation after doing enough damage (left), A third Flux !Construct 1 formation after doing even more damage (right)

Rinse and repeat the process and you should be able to destroy Flux !Construct 1 in no time. If you are successful, there’s not too much in the way of rewards but you will receive some Zonai Capsules and Charges as well as being able to fuse the Zonai !Construct part to create an extremely strong weapon at this point in the game.

And that’s all there is to beating this early Tears of the Kingdom boss. Even though it’s a pretty simply boss all things considered, do remember that if you’re tackling it in the ‘introduction’ of the game, you’ll only have three hearts and no armor, so ensure you’re fleet footed and you’ll be good.

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