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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Side Adventures in Hyrule - Surface, Sky, & Depths

Jessica Dillon

There are many quests and side adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. Side adventures are longer quests that have the ability to change the world around you. With the large map size though, it can be easy to miss a few side adventures. The guide below contains all 56 side adventures and where to find them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Cece and Reede fighting to be the Hateno Village mayor.

Complete List of Side Adventures

There are a total of 56 side adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. Each side adventure gives rewards and more lore to Hyrule. The chart below goes over what every side adventure is called, where it’s located, and has a link to it’s exact location on our interactive map.

Side Adventure Name Location Map Location
A Call from the Depths Hyrule Field
A Deal With the Statue Hyrule Field Map Marker
A Letter to Koyin East Necluda Map Marker
A Monstrous Collection Akkala Highlands
A New Signature Food East Necluda Map Marker
An Eerie Voice Faron Grasslands Map Marker
Bring Peace to Akkala Akkala Highlands
"Bring Peace to Eldin" iconBring Peace to Eldin
"Bring Peace to Faron!" iconBring Peace to Faron! Faron Grasslands Map Marker
"Bring Peace to Hebra" iconBring Peace to Hebra Faron Grasslands
Bring Peace to Hyrule Field Hyrule Field Map Marker
Bring Peace to Necluda East Necluda
Cece’s Secret East Necluda Map Marker
"Filling Out the Compendium" iconFilling Out the Compendium East Necluda
For Our Princess Eldin Canyon Map Marker
Gourmets Gone Missing Hyrule Field Map Marker
Hateno Village Research Lab Hyrule Field
Hestu’s Concern Hyrule Field Map Marker
Honey, Bee Mine West Necluda Map Marker
Infiltrating the Yiga Clan Gerudo Highlands Map Marker
"Investigate The Thyphlo Ruins" iconInvestigate The Thyphlo Ruins Great Hyrule Forest
"Legend of The Great Sky Island" iconLegend of The Great Sky Island Great Sky Island
Lurelin Village Restoration Project East Necluda Map Marker
"Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan" iconMaster Kohga of the Yiga Clan "Central Hyrule" iconCentral Hyrule Depths Map Marker
Mattison’s Independence Akkala Highlands Map Marker
"Messages from an Ancient Era" iconMessages from an Ancient Era "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing
"Potential Princess Sightings!" iconPotential Princess Sightings! Tabantha Frontier Map Marker
Presenting: Hero’s Path Mode East Necluda
"Presenting: Sensor +" iconPresenting: Sensor + East Necluda
Presenting: The Travel Medallion East Necluda
Princess Zelda Kidnapped West Necluda Map Marker
Reede’s Secret East Necluda Map Marker
Ruffian-Infested Village East Necluda Map Marker
Serenade to a Great Fairy Eldin Canyon Map Marker
Serenade to Cotera West Necluda Map Marker
Serenade to Kaysa "Central Hyrule" iconCentral Hyrule Map Marker
Serenade to Mija Hebra Mountain Map Marker
Team Cece or Team Reede East Necluda Map Marker
The All-Clucking Cucco Akkala Highlands Map Marker
The Beast and the Princess Hyrule Ridge Map Marker
The Beckoning Woman Hyrule Field Map Marker
The Blocked Well Gerudo Highlands Map Marker
"The Corridor Between Two Dragons" iconThe Corridor Between Two Dragons Great Hyrule Forest
The Flute Player’s Plan Faron Grasslands Map Marker
The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape Tabantha Frontier Map Marker
The Hunt for Bubbul Gems Eldin Canyon Map Marker
"The Long Dragon" iconThe Long Dragon Great Hyrule Forest
The Mayoral Election East Necluda Map Marker
The Missing Farming Tools Lanayru Wetlands Map Marker
"The Owl Protected by Dragons" iconThe Owl Protected by Dragons Great Hyrule Forest
The Search for "Koltin" iconKoltin Eldin Canyon Map Marker
"The Six Dragons" iconThe Six Dragons
The Yiga Clan Exam Gerudo Desert Map Marker
White Goats Gone Missing Hyrule Ridge Map Marker
Who Goes There? Hyrule Field
Zelda’s Golden Horse Hebra Mountains Map Marker
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