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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker

Scott Peers

This mystery can be found in the southeast of Snotinghamscire, at Thynghowe.

Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker, Snotinghamscire.

The mystery consists of a fight to the death with one of Ragnar Lothbrok’s Lost Drengr. This time it’s Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker. As the name implies, they like to get themselves into a frenzy, and they do it by drinking a sacred ale of “volatile spirits”, infused with amanita muscaria (fly agaric). To begin the battle, you’ll need to drink some of this from the keg nearby.

How to Defeat Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker

At this point in the game you should be familiar with the dodge, roll, parry and block mechanics. If you’ve mastered these by now, the fight will be a breeze. This is especially true if you manage to hit Skegjold’s weak points, which are located on their right shoulder, left arm, and left knee. Hitting all three of these will make Skegjold vulnerable to a stun attack, which will inflict a massive amount of damage.

Alongside the special attacks with orange and red auras, you’ll need to look out for a ranged attack from Skegjold. They will launch a missile at Eivor which will sometimes knock you back, but it can be easily dodged once you know when the attack is imminent. All you need to do is dodge or roll when you see the red symbol which appears whenever a regular ranged attack is incoming.

The special orange attacks involve a spinning move where Skegjold strikes twice with each weapon. This will happen quickly, but is almost always preceded by a predictable run up. Once you know to look out for this, you can easily dodge these attacks. The main special red run aura attack comes in the form of a jumping attack, similar to Dive of the Valkyries. If this hits it can inflict a large amount of damage, and will often knock you down. However, if you move by sprinting, dodging, or rolling as soon as you see the red aura above Skegjold’s head, you’ll be able to avoid the attack altogether.

So long as you look for the above signs when Skegjold is about to perform a special attack, you shouldn’t encounter much trouble with this fight. Most of her regular attacks are slow enough to be easily avoided, while the swifter ones are preceded by a run up, allowing you to prepare a dodge or roll to avoid it. Once you’ve defeated Skegjold, be sure to confirm the kill to complete the mystery.

(1 of 7) The location of the mystery in the southeast of Snotinghamscire.

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