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In the Absence of an Ealdorman

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after Homecoming. After making it to the town hall in Lincoln, Eivor has been tasked with investigating the whereabouts of Hunwald’s father. He was last seen at the church’s hospice within Lincoln.

Speak with the Sisters at the Church’s Hospice

You’ll find the church’s hospice a short way east of the town hall. The easiest way to get inside without being seen by the guards is by climbing the walls to the roof, then jumping down into the courtyard. Once there, use Odin’s Sight to identify individuals that you can speak with in search of any information relevant to the finding of Hunwald’s father. When you speak to one of the women highlighted, they will ask you to follow them to a more secluded area before they’ll provide the information.

(1 of 2) You'll find the church's hospice just east of the town hall.

You'll find the church's hospice just east of the town hall. (left), Speak with the head sister in the hospice to learn more about where Hunwald's father might be. (right)

Once you’ve spoken to the head sister, she will inform you that Hunwald’s father might be found at the bathhouse, to the south of the hospice and just east of Hunwald’s villa.

Investigate the Old Lincoln Sewers beneath the Bathhouse

When you arrive, you’ll note that the bathhouse is heavily guarded. You can jump down into the centre of the ruins from above and take out any guards in the area. When all the guards are dead, head down into the the Lincoln sewers beneath the bathhouse by destroying the wooden barricade. You’ll find more guards down here, most of which you can assassinate quietly as you make your way through the tunnels.

The tunnel system is quite extensive, but it only leads one way. Continue through the sewers until you encounter an opening to a large chamber. Here you’ll find a number of guards scattered throughout. Use Odin’s Sight to identify their precise locations and take them out in whatever way you see fit. You’ll find a few features, such as nets filled with rubble which can be shot down to kill multiple guards at once, which will speed up the process. On the western side of the sewers you’ll find a chest containing a Nickel Ingot, and on the eastern side you’ll find a chest containing the unique Longbow weapon.

Once you’ve killed the guards and looted the wealth, continue eastward from the second level through the sewer system, until you gradually ascend and reach Roaring Meg’s Spring. Here you’ll find the remnants of a fight, which you’ll need to learn more about by investigating the evidence left behind. This includes examining the dead body that you first come across from the sewers, and the noble’s cloak with the image of a swan near the body.

(1 of 6) You'll find the Bathhouse just south of the Hospice in Lincoln.

There is another piece of evidence behind a locked door to the north, but to reach it you’ll need to find a key first. This can be found in the body of water to the northwest, into which the waterfall flows. Climb down (the water isn’t deep enough to dive) and take the key, then use it to open the door to the north above. Once you examine the note behind the locked door, a brief scene will play, summarizing the evidence gathered. This all leads to Bolingbroc castle, located east of Lincoln.

Find Ealdorman Hundbeorht at Bolingbroc Castle

As you approach the castle from the road to the southwest, the objective marker will update. This is an enormous castle, and you won’t be able to access the keep without first lowering the drawbridge from its southeast. You can sneak your way through to this if you want, but we recommend killing everything inside for the extra XP and loot. In particular, you’ll want to locate a Standard-Bearer in the south of the castle, from whom you can loot a key which grants access to the inner walls of the castle just before the keep. Alternatively, you can access this by climbing up from the moat beneath the drawbridge, but this will place you in view of far more soldiers initially.

Once you’re inside the inner walls of the castle in its southeast, you’ll find a chest in a small barn-like structure which contains the unique Galloglach Trousers. If you’re having trouble identifying it the location of the chest, remember to use Odin’s Sight to highlight it. To lower the drawbridge to the keep, you’ll need to climb the walls just south of it to get a good view of the link mechanisms holding it in place. As with regular sieges, you’ll need to shoot the link on either side of the drawbridge to lower it. Once done, continue north into the keep up the wooden steps.

(1 of 7) The location of Bolingbroc castle, east of Lincoln.

Inside the keep, you’ll find a number of guards and a Goliath elite unit. Shoot the fire pots in the room to set the entire floor on fire, and watch them burn. You can then finish any survivors off, and be sure to loot the Goliath for a Nickel Ingot. When all the enemies in this room are dead, turn your attention to its western side and collect the book of knowledge for the Focus of the Nornir ability. You’ll also find an Order of Ancients clue in the form of a Note from the Crozier on the table to its right.

When you’ve looted the room, head through the door to the north and down the steps beyond it. Approach the woman cleaning the floor to begin a cutscene, during which you’ll have a few dialogue options. Choose as you wish here. When the conversation ends you’ll need to find some proof of Hundbeorht’s death to present to Hunwald. You’ll find this in the form of a brooch, located in a box by the table on the southern side of the room. With the brooch in hand, head through the door to the north to exit the keep and return to Lincoln.

Present the Brooch to Hunwald

Now that you have confirmed what has happened to Hunwald’s father, you need to deliver the unfortunate news to him back at the town hall in Lincoln. Approach him inside to begin a cutscene, and go through the motions of dialogue to complete the quest.


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