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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Holy Day

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after Kingdom’s End. Now that you’ve saved the Danes from Hamtun Blockade, it’s time to regroup and prepare for the assault on Cippanhamm.

You’ll find Cippanhamm northwest of Wincestre. To begin, you’ll need to speak with Guthrum at the forward camp, by the river to the south of Cippanhamm. Before you do, take some time to catch up with your allies throughout England. you’ll find them all gathered by the shore.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the forward camp just south of Chepeham.

You’ll find the forward camp just south of Chepeham. (left), Speak with your allies at the camp before you speak with Guthrum. (right)

Assault on Chepeham

This battle will be unlike other assaults, since there are few defences surrounding the settlement. You won’t need to use any battering rams or scale any walls. Instead, your primary objective is to find and confront King Aelfred. However, you won’t be finding him here tonight. You’ll need to enter the church in the northeastern part of the village, where a cutscene will begin. After this you’ll be fighting Goodwin.

Boss Fight: Goodwin

The fight with Goodwin may prove difficult if you’re not prepared for his swiftness in battle. Despite wielding a large heavy shield, he can strike with surprising speed. Most of his basic attacks are followed by at least one other immediately after, which will catch you off guard if you don’t dodge twice in a row or roll away from the second hit. Alternatively, if you’re confident with timing you can block or parry his regular attacks, and those initiated by a yellow aura.

As ever, although you can block and parry most of Goodwin’s attacks, you won’t be able to block or parry his red rune aura attacks. Instead, you’ll need to dodge, roll, or sprint out of the way before the hit lands. Goodwin has a number of red rune aura attacks, but none are particularly special and are fairly predictable. You’ll need to look out for when he begins a charge with his shield, indicated by the red rune above his head. His other special attack involves him throwing a smoke bomb, which you’ll need to move out of the way from to avoid the initial explosion. You’ll notice a red marker indicating an incoming ranged attack when he’s about to throw it.

If you do get caught in the smoke from the bomb, Goodwin will be on you in an instant. You’ll have to dodge or roll out of the way until the smoke clears, as it will be difficult to see when Goodwin is about to initiate a strike while he’s obscured by it. When you do have the chance to hit Goodwin with a flurry of blows, resist the urge to be greedy and limit the attack to two or three strikes. If you strike too much at once, Goodwin will throw you to the ground with a retaliatory blow, making you vulnerable to attack.

You’ll find weak points on Goodwin’s right leg and on his back. The weak point on his right leg can be hit relatively easily if you swiftly dodge around his side and then shoot before he turns. This will be made all the easier if you have the Brush with Death skill, which will slow time for a brief moment each time you dodge after an enemy strike. You may find it more difficult to hit the weak point on Goodwin’s back, however, as he turns quickly once you’ve flanked him. If you do manage to hit both weak points, be sure to capitalize on this by executing a stun attack.

(1 of 5) You’ll find weak points on Goodwin’s right leg and on his back.

So long as you keep an eye out for when Goodwin is about to initiate his special attacks, and do your best to avoid being hit while the room is filled with smoke, you should be able to bring Goodwin down fairly easily. One of the most effective ways of bringing him down with ease is by repeatedly shooting him in the head with your bow, which is fairly easy to do if your aim is decent. If you’ve invested anything significant in ranged damage, this will inflict massive amounts of damage.

Kill or Spare Goodwin?

At the end of the fight you’ll need to decide whether to kill or spare Goodwin. Your decision won’t influence the outcome of the story, as even if you choose to spare Goodwin he will only kill himself soon after.

Help Your Allies

When the fight with Goodwin ends a cutscene will play, after which you’ll need to help three of your allies: Ljufvina, Guthrum, and Broder.

Help Guthrum

You’ll find Guthrum at the longhouse nearby, in the north of the village. Enter from the main doors and then climb over the wall at the back of the longhouse to capture the last thegn. You’ll find two skirmisher’s accompanying him, who you’ll have to kill first. Once you’ve tied up the thegn you can open the door for Guthrum and go outside to help the others.

Help Ljufvina

To help Ljufvina, leave the longhouse from the way you entered and turn west. You’ll find her fighting near the edge of the village. Once you’ve dealt with the Saxons Ljufvina will inform you that one of the Saxon boys is injured. Sadly, Hunwald has sustained serious wounds. You’ll need to carry him to a nearby farmhouse, where a cutscene will begin.

Help Broder

Finally, you’ll need to help Broder in the south of the village. You’ll find him fighting alongside Stowe and Erke outside the garrison. He’ll ask you to find a way inside the garrison, which can be reached by climbing some rocks at the eastern end. What comes next can be deadly if you’re not prepared, as there are numerous archers and spear wielders both within and surrounding the garrison. If you try to kill them they will be infinitely replenished, so only kill as many as you need to before you jump inside the garrison and take one of the fire pots. Throw a fire pot at the marked barricaded entrance of the garrison, then help Stowe, Erke, and Broder defeat all the enemies in the area.

(1 of 7) You’ll find Guthrum at the longhouse in the north, Ljufvina to the west, and Broder in the south of Chepeham.

Regroup With Your Allies

Once you’ve helped all three of the above, you’ll need to regroup with your allies in the north of the village, just outside the longhouse. Here you’ll find the last of the Saxons. Once all of them are defeated a cutscene will play. At the end of it you can choose to speak with your allies before you send off the dead. Sending off the dead immediately will mean that you lose the opportunity to speak with your allies, who you will find scattered throughout the village. We recommend that you take the time to speak with them before choosing to send off the dead.

After the long cutscene, the quest will end.

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