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Childhood Sweetheart

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after An Uncommon Proposition. After agreeing to help Birsta find Alfida, Eivor travels to Maeldun, in the southeast of Essexe.

Travel to Maeldun

As you approach the small settlement of Maeldun, use your raven to scout the area. You’ll find a small house surrounding by hostile guards. Keep your cloak on to remain unseen from a distance, and note that the guards state they’ve got the woman they came for as you approach. At the same time, they refer to someone else nearby who is wounded. You’ll find this person in a small wooden hut southeast of the house. Break the wooden barricade to speak with them without alerting the guards, or kill the guards first if you prefer.

When you speak with the person hiding in the wooden hut, you’ll learn that their name is Eluric, Alfida’s brother. After a brief conversation you’ll learn about where to find Alfida, at Brentwood Outpost far to the west in Essexe.

(1 of 3) Use your raven to scout Maeldun as you approach.

Find Alfida in Brentwood Outpost

As you approach the outpost, use your raven to scout the general location where Alfida is being held captive. The outpost is heavily guarded, but you only need to reach one building unseen, as shown below. If you approach the outpost from the west, you’ll find the quickest path to Alfida. Kill the guards at the eastern entrance, then climb the tower to its left. You’ll find another guard atop the tower, you’ll need to kill them too so they don’t spot you as you approach the building.

When the tower is yours, look to the east. You’ll find a network of rope and wooden posts, which you can use to make your way to the building without being seen. Use Odin’s Sight to identify the building and continue along the rope system until you’re just north of it. From here you can jump down, using the bushes outside to take cover. When you approach the building you’ll hear Alfida shouting, confirming that you’re in the right place.

Before you can enter the house you’ll need a key, which is being carried by a Standard-Bearer who patrols to the south. You’ll need to cut through some guards around him before you can reach him undetected, but this shouldn’t be a problem as he’s constantly on the move. Take out the regular guards with your bow or stealth attacks, then approach the Standard-Bearer and attempt to assassinate him to take a large chunk of his health initially. If you have the Advanced Assassination skill, you should be able to kill him in one hit.

(1 of 9) The location of Brentwood Outpost, in the west of Essexe.

Once you have the key, return to the building and use it to enter. You’ll find Alfida inside, but she’s unable to walk. You’ll have to carry her out of the camp, at which point the quest objective will update and you’ll have a place noted on your map known as Lake House, located to the northeast. Carry Alfida there to begin a cutscene. After the scene, you’ll have a few dialogue options to go through.


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