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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

All Outfits in Odin's Camp

Scott Peers

This page details how to obtain all of Odin’s Outfits at the camp in Niflheim, part of the Forgotten Saga DLC. We’ll cover all the stats for each outfit, special abilities associated with them and upgrade costs.

Odin’s Outfits, Forgotten Saga DLC.

How to Get All of Odin’s Outfits

Odin’s Outfits Unlock Overview

Armor Unlock Requirements
All-Father’s Armor Unlocked by Default
Raven’s Flight Defeat one of the three bosses in Kaldstat
Einherjar’s Valor Defeat Hjalmgunnar in Dokkerland
Death-Speaker Trappings Defeat Nidhogg in Nidheim
Dwarven Defender Locate Hel’s Treasure in Dokkerland
Draugr’s Toll Defeat the slave master Marrow in Nidheim
Hel’s Narjarl Defeat Hel

Armor Types and Strengths

The above armor sets each offer something unique to your combat experience as Havi. They will unlock specific skills and combat states in accordance with the overall set type, as shown int he stat details below. The All-Father’s Armor set is unlocked by default, and this set focuses on melee combat, with a particular specialism in Adrenaline Slots and unique abilities. The Raven’s Flight amor set is almost entirely focused on improving your ranged combat, while the Einherjar’s Valor armor set is another that focuses on melee combat, but this time with more emphasis on an aggressive dual-wielding playstyle. It also has useful skill unlocks such as Stomp, which will allow you to finish off enemies quickly when they’re on the ground. Perfect Attack and Adrenaline Fiend are incredibly useful skill upgrades which boost your overall damage output and attack speed.

The Death-Speaker Trappings armor set offers something entirely different, with a focus on stealth gameplay, assassinations, and poison / smoke bomb sabotage attacks. This set can be highly valuable when attempting to take out groups of enemies quickly and silently, but it’s not so useful during big boss fights. The Dwarven Defender armor set is another one which focuses on melee combat, but this one enhances your defensive capabilities and provides more opportunities for healing outside of Elk Shrines with the Grit and Idunn’s Heart upgrades. The Draugr’s Toll armor set is the exact opposite: it rewards more aggressive gameplay by providing you with skills such as Wolf Warrior and Sprint Attack. The Hel’s Narjarl armor set is something of a hybrid, granting you skills such as Explosive Corpse for sabotage attacks, but also skills such as Intense Rage which rewards aggressive melee combat. In addition, you’ll have some powerful Draugr-raising abilities and you can make more use of fire attacks in conjunction with these.

All-Father’s Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Increase Ability Damage by 5.0 for each Adrenaline Slot filled
  • Temporarily increase Attack by 10.0 after using an Ability
Upgrade Effect Cost
Odin’s Resolve Increase maximum Adrenaline Slots to 5 Unlocked by Default
Cold Rage Ignore hit interruptions while performing successive regular melee attacks 5 Thoughts
Adrenaline Upgrade +1 Adrenaline Slot 8 Thoughts
Warrior Takedown Attempt a takedown on an unaware enemy with your melee weapon. It will alert all enemies around you but will fill your Adrenaline for every one of them 10 Thoughts
Thrill of War Vikings live for the fight. Gain Adrenaline as long as you remain in conflict 13 Thoughts

Raven’s Flight Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Increase Ranged Damage by 5.0 to 25.0 on successive Weak Point hits or Headshots
  • Base Quiver capacity is increased
Upgrade Effect Cost
Hunter Bow Combo Release your arrow as you finish drawing it to make the next one draw faster Unlocked by Default
Charged Shot Fire two fully charged arrows by pressing R with the Hunter Bow. This attack cannot be canceled 5 Thoughts
Arrow Reinforcement With this skill, loose arrows will never break and may be collected from fallen enemies 8 Thoughts
Arrow Volley Discharge all loaded arrows at once by holding and releasing R with a Light Bow. Each volley of arrows has a stamina cost 10 Thoughts
Bow Stun Finisher Press R when aiming at a stunned enemy’s head to trigger a Bow Stun Finisher 13 Thoughts

Einherjar’s Valor Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Increase Melee Damage by 5.0 to 25.0 on successive hits
  • Healing effects are increased by 25%
Upgrade Effect Cost
Heavy Dual Wield You can dual wield heavy weapons. This will alter the stats and handling of each weapon Unlocked by Default
Stomp When an enemy falls to the ground, press R to stomp on their face 5 Thoughts
Sprint Bash Unlocks the ability to bash through breakable objects and push NPCs to the ground while sprinting 8 Thoughts
Perfect Attack Press light attack again during a weapon swing to do more damage on the next hit 10 Thoughts
Adrenaline Fiend When 1 or more Adrenaline Slots are filled, you gain a damage boost and attack speed boost. This effect augments with each slot filled 13 Thoughts

Death-Speaker Trappings Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Temporarily increase Critical Chance by 10.0 on flanking attacks
  • Increase Critical Damage by 20.0
Upgrade Effect Cost
Advanced Assassination Unlocks the ability to assassinate high-level targets with a timing-based attack Unlocked by Default
Stealth Recon Automatically highlight enemies when crouched and undetected 5 Thoughts
Chain Assassination After performing a successful assassination, throw an axe at a second NPC standing in close proximity 8 Thoughts
Assassin’s Cantrip Following a successful parry, quickly press F to throw a smoke bomb at your feet and disappear 10 Thoughts
Miasma Enemies who die from one of your poison attacks will release a toxic cloud around then, infecting those who enter 13 Thoughts

Dwarven Defender Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Increase Damage against Elites & Bosses by 20.0%
  • Increase Stun by 10.0
Upgrade Effect Cost
Shield Master Eivor automatically rotates to block incoming attacks by holding up their shield Unlocked by Default
Perfect Parry Parry in the nick of time to deal additional damage to the attacker 5 Thoughts
Heidrun Slam Tap sprint and light attack while sprinting to knock enemies back with a powerful knee slam 8 Thoughts
Grit Regain lost health when landing a successful melee hit on an enemy 10 Thoughts
Idunn’s Heart Draw upon the vitality of Idunn. Passively regenerate recent health loss after a short delay 13 Thoughts

Draugr’s Toll Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Earn 25% more Coins and Memories
  • Healing effects are reduced by 50%
Upgrade Effect Cost
Wolf Warrior Fight with increasing fury as death draws near. Your damage increases the lower your health Unlocked by Default
Missile Reversal Send it right back at ’em. Catch and throw back virtually any projectile to its sender by pressing block just before it hits you 5 Thoughts
Sprint Attack Press light attack while sprinting to do a sprint attack 8 Thoughts
Battleground Bolt Press interact to pick up the nearest discarded weapon, and automatically throw it at an enemy in sight 10 Thoughts
Terror After a Stun Finisher, weak enemies nearby may cower in fear 13 Thoughts

Hel’s Narjarl Armor Stats

Set Modifiers

  • Increase Fire Damage by 10.0 for every Draugr you’ve summoned recently
  • Increase Fire Damage Resistance by 20.0
Upgrade Effect Cost
Hel’s Fire Strike Light your melee weapons on Fire temporarily after raising Draugr Unlocked by Default
Explosive Corpse Booby-trap a dead body to damage anyone who investigates it. 5 Thoughts
Battlefield Cremation Enemies who perish from one of your fire attacks will continue to burn, dealing fire damage to enemies nearby 8 Thoughts
Intense Rage Ignore hit interruptions while performing your next off-hand parry or special attack. This effect recharges after a few seconds 10 Thoughts
Detonate Dead Your raised Draugr explode when killed or when expiring 13 Thoughts

(1 of 2) You can browse all of the outfits from Odin’s Camp.

You can browse all of the outfits from Odin’s Camp. (left), You’ll need to earn Thoughts by playing through runs of Niflheim. You can then spend them on armor upgrades to unlock new skills and improve stats. (right)

Best Armor in Niflheim?

As you can probably tell, there isn’t necessarily a best armor set to go with between these 7 different types. Each one has powerful buffs and additional skills to offer, but the one you go with will depend on your playstyle. Raven’s Flight naturally benefits a player who primarily enjoys using bow skills, while most of the others are better for those who enjoy melee combat in various forms. The one set that will generally make life easier is the Dwarven Defender set, since this has two additional buffs that will heal you in times of need: Grit and Idunn’s Heart. The former is most useful mid-fight if you keep attacking just after being hit, allowing you to recover some of the lost health. The latter will allow you to passively regain health from a recent hit, so long as you’re not hit again while the health is regenerating. These are both useful in tricky fights, but if you find most of the encounters fairly easy, you can go with one of the other sets which will improve your offensive capabilities more.

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