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Cavern of Trials

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on where to locate and how to complete Cavern of Trials, a mystery found in Cent, AC Valhalla.

Location: Cavern of Trials mystery.

Completing the Cavern of Trials

This mystery is located east of Canterbury. To begin the Cavern of Trials, you’ll first need to head into the cottage then find the hole into the basement below. You’ll then need to break the pots and wooden boxes to reveal a hole at the bottom of the wall that’ll then lead into a cave.

Once in the cave, follow the tunnel heading east until you spot a locked door. Just before you reach the locked door, you’ll be able to spot a key hanging above a gap, which you’ll be able to grab as you jump over. You can then use this key to unlock the door just up ahead. Throughout this cavern, you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye out for hanging keys as these are important to progressing through the area.

In the next area, you’ll first want to head over to the archway to the northeast, as you’ll need to grab a key from this area in order to progress. In this small cavern, use the ropes between the stalagmites to gain height. You’ll need to reach climb up a hanging stalagmite to reach the rope that over looks the whole cavern. When you’re at the end of the highest rope, turn to face the northwest and you’ll be able to spot a hanging key. You’ll need to jump and grab it whilst midair.

When you reach the highest rope, you'll be able to jump over and grab the hanging key.

After grabbing that key, head back into the previous area and jump over to the entrance to the south. You’ll then want to continue along this relatively linear tunnel passage until you reach another large cavern with a key hanging above the cave below. Once again, you’ll need to grab the key midair whilst jumping. Timing is key in this Cavern of Trials! Follow the stairs out of this area then move the large rocks to reveal a gap in the wall that takes you to the next area.

In this next cavern, you’ll want to first jump over the ropes to get to the tunnel heading north. In this next room, you’ll want to begin by shooting down the large bag of rocks that’s blocking your way. You can do this either with some arrows or by throwing your torch at the link holding the bag. You can now parkour over to the wooden structure just up ahead. Continue following the structure along the wall until you reach another bag of rubble blocking your way. Once again, shoot the bag down so that you can continue around the room.

Head across the ropes over to the tunnel heading north.

Once you’ve reached the end of the scaffolding that heads around the outside of the cavern, face east towards the center of the cave and you should be able to spot a ladder. If you have no arrows, you should be able to pick some up off the box nearby. Shoot down the ladder then jump across to use it. Once you’re up on the wooden scaffolding, look southwards and you’ll be able to spot another hanging key. You know the drill, jump over and grab the key midair.

Once you have the key, head back into the previous room and make your way downwards until you reach a locked door to the east. Then right behind that locked door, you’ll find another locked door. Then in the room behind the two locked doors, you’ll find a Nickel Ingot within a chest. To the left of the chest, you’ll come up to the third locked door! Aren’t you glad you stopped to get all of those keys along the way?!

(1 of 2) Use the keys you've collected to open a series of locked doors

Use the keys you've collected to open a series of locked doors (left), on the otherside of the doors you'll find a Nickel Ingot in a chest. (right)

After unlocking all of those doors, you’ll want to continue along the passage that heads northeast until you reach a moveable rock infront of some tall stalagmites. Instead of moving the rock, you’ll want to climb up and over it to get to the otherside. You will, however, want to move the next large rock over to the otherside of the path, so you can use it to climb up over the stalagmite barricade. You’ll then want to repeat this process again with the next large moveable rock. Once you’re over the third stalagmite barricade, head up the steps and grab the Mysterious Chessboard Tablet from the large boulder to the left of the steps. Above the tablet, you’ll also be able to grab another hanging key. Picking up the Mysterious Chessboard Tablet will result in the completion of the mystery.

To exit the area, use the key to unlock the door just up ahead, then continue along the tunnel passage until you come to a crack in the wall that leads out onto a beach.

(1 of 3) You'll need to use the moveable rock objects to jump over the stalagmite barricades

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