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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Rescue

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete The Rescue main mission, part of the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes following Frigg to find out what happened to Baldr, reaching the throne room to Surtr boss fight, and bringing the mistletoe to Valka.

Follow Frigg to Baldr & the Throne Room

After resting beneath the tree in Ravensthorpe, the quest begins with Havi speaking and Frigg speaking about the disappearance of their son, Baldr. They argue about what led to the situation, before heading along the path to find him. You’ll need to follow Frigg through the ruins of the settlement until you reach a building where Frigg claims she can feel the presence of Baldr. Once there, you can examine three items to investigate the scene: one at the bottom of the stairs and two on the second floor.

(1 of 3) Use Odin’s Sight to find the blood at the bottom of the stairs.

Once you’ve examined the dried blood, mistletoe, and the letter, Frigg will call for you downstairs, alerting Havi to the enemies from Muspelheim. As you go down the stairs a cutscene will begin, showing Frigg fighting the Muspels. After the scene you’ll have your own first combat encounter with these enemies, which are similar to other regular soldiers that you’ve already fought throughout the realms. The main difference here is that they’re covered in fire, and if groups of Muspels are able to cluster together, they can perform a War Cry which increases their collective strength and allows them to use new abilities. You should aim to kill groups of Muspels as quickly as possible for this reason, and separate them where possible.

Boss Fight: Surtr of Muspelheim

Once you’ve killed the initial groups of attacking Muspels, continue to follow Frigg through the ruins of the settlement. You’ll need to avoid the pools of lava in the area, since this can inflict a lot of damage if you’re pushed into it, or even if you just walk over it. You’ll eventually reach the doors of the throne room, and upon entering another cutscene will begin, leading to a boss fight with Surtr.

This can be a reasonably challenging fight on the higher difficulties, so you’ll need to be prepared. The fight will begin with Surtr slamming the ground with his fist, causing a fire fissure to erupt beneath you. You’ll need to dodge or run out of the way as soon as you can move to avoid this. So long as you’re at a distance from Surtr, he’ll keep spamming this attack along with another, where he creates a wall of fire from himself which is aimed directly at Havi. This attack will sometimes be enhanced, allowing Surtr to erupt walls of fire in different directions, so you’ll need to pay attention to where the walls of fire are beginning to erupt and try to stay in an area between them to avoid the damage.

So long as you’re at a distance from Surtr, he will keep spamming his devastating fire attacks. To make the fight easier, you should actually try to stay as close to him as possible. So long as you have the Brush with Death skill, you’ll be able to dodge most of his attacks with relative ease, and time will slow (for at least 1 second on the hardest difficulty) enough for you to get a few attacks in as you flank the boss. However, when you’re in melee range you’ll need to avoid a number of his swift attacks with the greatsword. These mostly consist of uppercuts and overhead strikes, as shown in the gifs below. Keep in mind that most of these cannot be blocked, so dodging out of the way is the only option, other than interrupting them with your own special abilities.

(1 of 4) Be ready to dodge or roll away from the fissure when you see Surtr slam his fist into the ground.

As with most enemies in Valhalla, Surtr has specific weak points which you can hit to lower his defences. In this case, you’ll find them on both of Surtr’s elbows, and one on his right foot. The easiest way to hit these is with your bow, but you can also hit them by chance with melee attacks, or with special abilities which target weak points such as Precision Axe Throw. Once you’ve hit all three weak points, you can execute a stun attack which will inflict massive damage in one hit to Surtr. Alternatively, the weak points which represent the stamina of Surtr will gradually deplete as you inflict more damage, eventually opening him up for a stun attack later in the fight if you can’t force one by hitting the weak points.

Surtr’s Attacks

Melee Swipe, Fire Wall Stomp, Fist Slam Fissure

The below gif shows three attacks that Surtr will use frequently - a melee swipe with his greatsword, a stomp which creates a wall of fire, and a fist slam which causes a fissure to erupt beneath Havi.

Uppercut and Overhead Strike

The below gif shows the uppercut strike and overhead strike which Surtr will perform when you’re in melee range.

Fire Boulder Roll

There’s one other less frequent attack which Surtr will use when you’re on the boundaries of the arena, which consists of him rolling a fire boulder towards you. This can knock you back and cast you into the fire, making it particularly deadly if you’re caught off guard with low health.

So long as you’re aware of these attacks and know how to counter them with effective dodges, rolls, or special ability counters, you should be fine. The easiest strategy by far is to remain close to Surtr as you slash through his health. This may take a while on the harder difficulties, but you can easily avoid most of his attacks so long as you dodge in time, making you essentially invulnerable. If you maintain this strategy throughout the fight, interspersed with special ability attacks, you should bring this version of Surtr down fairly easily.

Speak with Valka in Ravensthorpe

Once you’ve defeated Surtr a long cutscene will play out, after which you’ll find yourself back in Ravensthorpe as Eivor, who is troubled by their dreams. Eivor finds some mistletoe tucked into their clothing, which they immediately know they must take to Valka. Another cutscene will play here, and Valka will ask you to place the mistletoe around a ritual circle outside her hut. When the ritual begins another cutscene will play, taking you back to Havi’s story and leading into the next quest.

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