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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Wedding Horns

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for the Wedding Horns main quest, part of The Tale of Thegn Oswald story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Wedding Horns: Will Oswald Be a Good King?

This quest begins immediately after A Fury from the Sea. Now that Rued and his clan have been defeated, it’s time for Oswald to claim what he has rightfully earned: the kingdom of East Anglia. The first point of order is the marriage between Oswald and Valdis.

When you’re ready, travel to Elmenham to begin the wedding ceremony. You’ll find Oswald outside the main church. Speak with him and go through the motions of dialogue according to your own preferences. None of them will have any significant impact on the story. After the ceremony and the crowning of Oswald as the new king of East Anglia, a brief cutscene with Finnr will take you outside.

After the cutscene with Finnr you’ll have an opportunity to walk through the ceremony and enjoy the festivities. Initially, you should speak with the brothers Brothir and Broder, who will offer you a bit of friendly competition in the form of an archery contest and a drinking game.

You’ll find Brothir directly south of where you spawn outside, presiding over an archery contest. Speak with him to take part in the contest, during which you’ll need to shoot some pots with your arrows, while drunk. If you shoot all pots within the time limit of twenty seconds, you’ll earn 50 silver.

When you’re done with Brothir, have a look to the northeast, to the right of the church entrance, where you should be able to find a potential crew member to recruit. This will be random, based on the option which spawns for you in particular, but nonetheless worth noting.

(1 of 4) Speak with Brothir to begin the archery contest.

Next, head southwest to Broder and speak with him. He’ll challenge you to a drinking game. If you’re not too confident in your ability to win, you can make a hard save here so that you can reload should you fail. As with other drinking games, you can wager some silver (130 in this case), which you can double if you win. Alternatively, you can offer your pride. Whatever you wager, keep in mind that this is one of the tougher drinking games that you will encounter, so there’s sparse room for mistakes.

When you’re done with Broder, walk down the steps to the north. A number of people will point out that Finnr is on a wooden platform on the roof of the church. Go to him and speak with him there. After a brief conversation, you’ll need to pick Finnr up and bring him down from the platform. To do so with ease, jump on the wooden stakes beneath you to the south, then follow the line southeast until you reach the ground.

When you’re done with Finnr, you can speak with Oswald and Valdis to the northwest for a bit of a chat. This isn’t necessary though, so when you’re ready speak with Broder, who can be found southwest of the church. When you speak with him you’ll have the option to wield his… “plow-sword”. If you do choose to play with his… “stiff-spear”, you can choose to refer to him by his brothers name for a fun piece of dialogue.

(1 of 4) You’ll find Finnr on the wooden platform above the entrance to the church.

Whatever you choose to do with Broder, when you’re done with him you’ll need to speak with Oswald to proceed. Tell him that you’re ready to hear his address, then choose whatever words of wisdom you prefer when prompted. At this point, if you let Rued live during A Fury from the Sea, he will appear and challenge Oswald to a fight. You can intervene here by asking Oswald to let you fight on his behalf, or you can encourage him do the fighting.

If Oswald fights...Show Spoiler

If you encourage Oswald to fight Rued, you needn’t worry about him losing. This time he will win, and you will enjoy the sight of it. However, if Oswald fights Rued you will not be able to recruit Finnr as a crew member of your longship. Instead, Finnr will pledge himself to Oswald’s service after Oswald banishes Rued.

If Eivor fights...Show Spoiler

If you fight Rued rather than encourage Oswald to fight him, you’ll have an easy fight on your hands and it won’t be much of a show compared with what Oswald has to offer. However, Eivor fighting Rued will ensure that Finnr joins your crew. It will also seal the fate of Rued in death, rather than see him banished.

If Oswald fights Rued the quest will end after the scene. However, if you choose to fight Rued here you won’t be met by much of a challenge. He is without his armor and weakened by his initial defeat. You will find the same weak point that he had previously, on his left foot. You’ll still need to be cautious of his small knockback with the hilt of his sword, which he will execute if you try to land too many hits at once. He will also throw flaming projectiles, but if you have the skill and time it right, you can use these against him with Missile Reversal. Other than that, he won’t deal much damage but he will be vulnerable to yours.

When the fight is over Oswald will reaffirm his pledge to an alliance with you. If you fought and killed Rued, you’ll find Finnr in the southeast of the town, within the longhouse. Speak with him there to recruit him as a member of your longship crew and complete the quest.

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