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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Sons of Ragnar

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for The Sons of Ragnar main quest, part of The Kingmaker’s Saga story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This quest begins after choosing to form an alliance with Ledecestrescire during The Alliance Map.

When you’re ready, meet with Sigurd in the town of Repton, located in the northwesternmost point of Ledecestrescire. Enter through the front gates, approaching from the south, to be introduced to a rather sadistic interpretation of Ivarr Ragnarsson. After the scene, follow Ivarr to a tent where you’ll reunite with Sigurd, and be introduced to Ubba, Ivarr’s brother, and Ceolwulf. Go through the motions of dialogue, none of which have significant consequences, to complete the tent scene.

Explore Repton - Treasure and Artifacts

You will be encouraged to explore the town of Repton before you head north to the docks. In truth, there isn’t a great deal to explore at this point, other than a few minor treasure chests and two artifacts in the form of a saga page, which can be found in the crypts of the main church, and a tattoo schematic, found near the docks to the north. In addition, you’ll also find Jungulf by the docks to the north, who you can flyt with to earn some silver and Charisma XP. The saga page can be found in the crypts of the church, and the tattoo schematic by the docks to the north.

(1 of 8) You’ll find the saga page in the crypts of the main church.

The minor treasure can be found throughout the town, with notable presence in a ship above Jungulf, in the basement of a house next to some green tents, and within a house southwest of the stables. This house requires a key to enter, possessed by its owner who can be found on an island to the northwest. You will also find treasure in the main church, in the crypts of a smaller church to the west, and in a ship burial south of the church, outside the walls of Repton.

Speak with Ubba to Begin the Assault on Tamworth Fortress

Dialogue Choices for The Sons of Ragnar

Once you’ve explored Repton as much as you deem necessary, speak with Ubba in the north of Repton to continue with the quest. After some brief dialogue, Ivarr will approach with Ceolwulf’s son, Ceolbert. The dialogue options here won’t change anything of what is to come, so don’t concern yourself with them too much. After the scene, mount up and follow the group. As you journey to Tamworth, you’ll be treated to an interesting dialogue between Sigurd and Ceolbert. Upon reaching the walls of Tamworth, a brief scene will follow, during which you’ll have one dialogue intervention. Choose as you will, though we like the first option best.

When the scene is over follow Ubba and the others to the Ragnarsson War Camp. Here you can speak with the captain to begin the battle at any time. When you do, you’ll be thrust into the front line of battle, charged with helping to breach the first gate with the battering ram. Move close to the battering ram and interact with it. You’ll have the option to brace if necessary, protecting you and the others from arrows, but otherwise you should focus on charging the gate as often as possible. It will take 4-6 charges before the gate is breached.

As you enter the fortress with the first gates breached, be sure to protect the battering ram as it’s pushed through to the second gate. If you’ve killed most of the enemies by the time you reach the second gate, you can help with the battering ram. Otherwise, you’d be most useful protecting the others. Be sure to use your abilities as you see fit; you’ll find plenty of mushrooms to replenish your adrenaline on the other side of the second gate. Many of the enemies here will be using spears, so you’ll want to negate their reach advantage by equipping one of your own, or by maintaining close quarters while fighting.

(1 of 4) Help the warriors with the battering ram to breach the first gate quickly.

Defeat King Burgred’s Elites

When the second gate is breached you’ll be given a new objective: defeat King Burgred’s elites. These are two skirmishers who can be found outside the main longhouse to the north. As you make your way there you’ll need to take out a number of archers, some of which use fire arrows. Remain cautious of these in particular by looking out for a red circle on the ground. If you do catch fire, perform a roll to quickly extinguish it. The skirmishers are swift enemies which can dodge most attacks effectively. This would be a good time to use any special abilities that you have to wear them down quickly, though given that you’ll have Sigurd, Ubba and Ivarr beside you, this isn’t entirely necessary.

With both skirmishers dead, you’ll be able to enter the keep by helping Ubba to knock down the door. Once inside, you’ll note that King Burgred is missing. You can find three clues to his whereabouts, and you can also loot some treasure while you’re here. Two of the clues are located on the eastern side of the keep, while the other is on the western side. Use Odin’s Vision to highlight their precise location. You only need to inspect one clue before you can speak with Ivarr, who can be found sitting on the throne, to complete the quest.

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