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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Bear of the Blue Waters

Scott Peers

This mystery can be found on a small island in the north of Hordafylke.

Bear of the Blue Waters, Hordafylke.

How to Defeat the Bear of the Blue Waters Legendary Animal in Hordafylke

The Bear of the Blue Waters is a legendary animal fight with an enormous polar bear. As soon as you step onto the small island, the fight will begin. You’ll be confined to the island for the duration of the fight, unless you need to jump off and swim to safety, but this could result in the fight resetting.

You’ll find weak points on the bear’s right hind leg, left hind leg, and left front leg. If you hit all these early on with your bow, you’ll be able to execute a high damage stun attack to take a large chunk of health away from the bear.

The main attacks that the bear has at its disposal are a charge attack and a sweeping attack. The charge attack is indicated by a red rune aura, but this won’t be visible for long and the bear will start running immediately after the animation. If you look closely you’ll begin to notice the movement of the bear when a charge attack is incoming: it will briefly stand up on its hind legs while the red rune aura is displayed, and will then start running at you. This special attack charge is important to differentiate from a regular charge (which occurs without the red rune aura preceding it), since you can block or parry the regular one. You’ll need to dodge or roll out of the way of the red rune aura charge, or you’ll be knocked down and take a significant amount of damage.

The sweeping attack also comes in two forms: one which can be blocked or parried (indicated by an orange aura) and one that you’ll need to escape from (indicated by a red rune aura. If you dodge the first sweeping attack you can follow this up with a few retaliatory strikes while flanking the bear. The Brush with Death (Way of the Raven) skill will be useful for this, as it slows down time for a few moments whenever you dodge. You’ll also find the Grit (Way of the Wolf) skill useful, which allows you to regain a small amount of health if you strike the bear immediately after you’ve been hit by a sweeping attack. If you’re hit by one sweeping attack, the bear will often follow this up with two more in quick succession. These may combine red rune aura and orange attacks, so you’ll need to pay close attention to which are incoming if you want to avoid a potentially lethal string of hits.

(1 of 6) The location of the mystery in the north of Hordafylke.

Although the island is small, you’ll have plenty of space to kite the bear around if you need to recover some stamina or regain your composure. The main thing you’ll need to look out for when kiting the bear is the charge attacks. Keep an eye on the bear as you kite it around the island, and be ready to perform a dodge or roll when it gets near to you. The bear is extremely fast, so don’t be lulled into a false sense of safety if you see it on the other side of the island. It can reach you in 2 - 3 seconds from any position. So long as you’re aware of these attacks and how to avoid them, it will just be a matter of controlling the flow of the fight by continually creating space between Eivor and the bear. This will allow you to wait for the bear to attack, giving you a chance to dodge and then retaliate with a flank attack.

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