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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Gotafrid Fairrobes

Scott Peers

This mystery can be found in eastern Eurvicscire, southeast of Jorvik.

Gotafrid Fairrobes, Eurvicscire.

How to Defeat Lost Drengr Gotafrid Fairrobes

Avoid Throwing Weapons

The fight with Gotafrid will take place around the pool of the estate that he occupies. One of the unique things about this setting is that Gotafrid will sometimes run to a weapon rack and throw one of the weapons from it at Eivor. You should keep this in mind whenever you see Gotafrid run to a weapon rack, or whenever he’s near to one during the course of the fight. If a thrown weapon hits you it will inflict a great deal of damage, but you can dodge or roll out of the way if you’re quick enough.

Gotafrid’s Weak Points

Gotafrid has three weak points that you can hit relatively easily. These are located on his right leg, left shoulder, and right hand. As ever, the easiest way to hit these is to wait for Gotafrid to perform an attack, then quickly dodge to the side and shoot the weak points as you’re flanking him. This will be made all the more easy if you have the Brush with Death (Way of the Raven) skill, which slows time for a few moments each time you perform a successful dodge. When all three weak points have been hit, you can perform a stun attack which will inflict massive amounts of damage.

Gotafrid’s Special Attacks

Despite being a renowned drengr of Ragnar Lothbrok, Gotafrid has a limited amount of special attacks. Aside from the weapon throw ability, the main attack he will perform in the first phase of the fight involves him slamming his hammer toward the ground, hitting you in the process of the swing. This attack is marked by a yellow aura and can be easily avoided if you’re quick to dodge or roll. Alternatively, you can block or parry this attack to stop it in its tracks, but you’ll need to get the timing right to avoid being hit.

When Gotafrid is below half of his total health, he’ll drop his hammer and shield and instead dual-wield a large dane axe and a seax. His regular attacks will become faster and more frequent, but his special attack will also change. From here on the yellow aura will initiate a series of sweeping and stabbing attacks with both the dane axe and the seax, which will go through three rotations of strikes each time it’s executed. This means that you’ll need to perform multiple dodges to avoid being hit with a later strike, or if you need to preserve more stamina you can roll out of the way or simply sprint away. If you manage to dodge the first strike, you can slow time and then flank Gotafrid with a series of retaliatory blows of your own.

The only red rune aura attack that you’ll need to look out for from Gotafrid involves a dive attack, similar to your own Dive of the Valkyries special ability. You can easily avoid this if you notice the red rune aura, but you’ll need to be quick with a dodge or roll to get out of the way, since Gotafrid will come crashing down surprisingly swiftly. If this special attack hits it will knock you down and inflict considerable damage, so it’s worth avoiding at all costs to stamina.

If you’re prepared to avoid each of these special attacks and you’re ready for any thrown weapons, it shouldn’t take you too long to capitalise on flanking Gotafrid and taking large chunks of health from him each time, making the fight relatively brief.

(1 of 6) The location of the mystery, southeast of Jorvik.

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