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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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The Seed

Scott Peers

How to Find and Kill The Seed (Lord Becc mac Nath-i)

You’ll encounter The Seed as part of the main story, during The Wages of War. The first clue to his location is activated once you begin the main quest. You will need to kill The Deer in order to identify The Seed, but this page covers everything you need for both.

Investigate Movilla Abbey

Once you reach Movilla Abbey, you can choose to sneak into the easternmost church building to find the clue on a bench on your own, or you can start a raid to take the wealth that can be found in the abbey. We’d recommend the latter, since you’ll have your crew to help in defeating the guards and you might as well take the treasure while you’re here. Once you’ve inspected the clue, you’ll note that you need to find The Deer to learn of the location of The Seed. You’ll find the clues associated with The Deer just to the left of The Seed in the Children of Danu order menu.

(1 of 3) Check the Children of Danu order menu for your first lead.

Investigate Ardmel Trade Post

To locate The Deer, you’ll need to inspect a clue which can be found near the Ardmel Trade Post in the northeast of Ulster. The clue can be found at the small docks on the southeastern side of the trade post. Once you’ve read the contents of the clue, the identity of The Deer will be revealed as Ruaidri, he of the ports.

(1 of 2) The docks at Ardmel can be found on the southeastern side.

The docks at Ardmel can be found on the southeastern side. (left), You'll find the clue for the location of The Deer by the small docks at Ardmel. (right)

Find and Kill The Deer at Inch Lough Neagh Port

Now that you know the identity of The Deer, you can track him from the Children of Danu order menu. Mark the target from the menu and then make your way to port of Inch Lough Neagh, just southwest of Ardmel. The Deer could be anywhere in the port, but if you mark him from the menu you’ll be able to identify him quickly. You can also use Odin’s Sight to highlight him, and your bird to scout the area. When you’ve located him, it’ll be a simple matter of performing an assassination.

(1 of 2) You'll find The Deer at Inch Lough Neagh, southwest of Ardmel.

You'll find The Deer at Inch Lough Neagh, southwest of Ardmel. (left), Be sure to track the location of The Deer by marking the target from the order menu. (right)

Find and Kill The Seed at Dunseverick fortress

With The Deer dead, the location of The Seed is revealed. You’ll find him at Dunseverick fortress, located on the northern coast of Ulster, directly north of Ardmel. When you arrive you’ll find that the fortress is fairly heavily guarded, but you can enlist the aid of some prisoners by freeing them from the cages in the centre of the fortress. As with The Deer, you can track The Seed from the Children of Danu order menu, but this isn’t entirely necessary since The Seed will reveal himself as he joins the fight.

You’ll note that The Seed wields a large flail and a shield. His skills are fairly standard, but the flail can inflict a great deal of damage if you’re caught off guard when The Seed uses a charge attack. The fortress is quite small, so you’re likely to encounter a lot of enemies bunched up together. Use this to your advantage by striking with as much area of effect damage as possible. Special abilities such as Incendiary Powder Trap and Throwing Axe Fury will prove particularly useful. Once The Seed is dead you’ll need to confirm the kill, and you’ll need some time to read a note from his body when the kill is confirmed, so it’s worth finishing off the other enemies first.

(1 of 5) Once you've killed The Deer, the identity of The Seed will be revealed, allowing you to track his location.

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