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Trial of the Wolf - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Scott Peers

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Wolf Objectives

To earn the gold medal for the Trial of the Wolf at Calleva Outpost, you need to earn the following points for each objective, which amount to the perfect score of 1,000 points combined.

Objective Mastery Points
Indirect kills 495
Weak points hit 396
Eliminate all the guards 109

Take a moment to check the special ability and gear bonuses for this trial, which includes restoration of health for each weak point hit.

Prioritise Hitting Weak Points

This is one of the quickest mastery challenges to complete, but also potentially one of the trickiest, depending on your ability to aim accurately. If you’re confident with your aim, you should find this very easy indeed, since all you need to do is hit the weak points of every enemy in the arena below. However, even if you’re not too confident with your aiming abilities, there’s no need to fret. The key here is to be patient as you wait for the enemies to move into positions where the weak point is easily visible. You’ll find that in some positions, the weak point will be almost impossible to see, especially on archers who have their arms drawn back in preparation to fire. However, if you wait just a few seconds they should soon move into a position where the weak point becomes clearly visible, making it much easier to hit.

The weak points on the arbalist enemies are the easiest to hit, since they’re almost always on their lower legs. Most arbalists will stay in the same position for an extended period as they prepare to fire, so you’ll have plenty of time to take aim and hit the weak point. Just make sure that you move out of the way if you see the red indicator at the top of the screen, especially if you see multiple of them, as this means that a projectile is imminent. It only takes a few hits from arbalists to deplete your health entirely. At the same time, keep in mind that hitting weak points will restore health during this trial, thanks to your gear bonus, so you could sacrifice being hit to restore health immediately after if a perfect shot is in line.

As you aim to hit weak points on all the enemies, you should be careful not to line your shot in view of fire pots, as the arrow may trigger an explosion and kill the enemy before you get a chance to hit the weak point. If the enemy is too close to a fire pot and there’s a chance that you could hit it and cause an explosion, just wait a few moments for them to move. The same goes for cargo: don’t hit any links holding cargo up until you’ve hit all the weak points, as the debris crashing on the ground may inflict enough damage to kill an enemy.

(1 of 3) You'll find weak points on the legs of most arbalists.

How to Get Indirect Kills

There are numerous ways to get indirect kills during this challenge, and this is by far the easiest aspect of it. Once you’ve hit all enemy weak points and completed that objective, you can begin to shoot cargo so that it lands on enemies below, thereby killing them indirectly. You can also shoot fire pots to make them explode when enemies are near, which also counts as an indirect kill. Alternatively, you can actually just shoot any enemy when your arrow tip is on fire. Although you can’t move from the starting platform, you’ll find a small fire pit up here which you can use to light the tip of your arrow. So long as the arrow is lit when you shoot an enemy, they will die indirectly by the fire, regardless of how much damage you deal to them.

While the above are all perfectly viable options for indirect kills, another method (and perhaps the easiest) is to simply shoot the doors to the cages open, thereby releasing the wild animals into the fray. The animals will then attack the enemies and make short work of them, since you’ve already brought most to 50% or below after hitting weak points. The Incendiary Powder Trap special ability is serves almost as an afterthought during this challenge, since there are so many other ways to get indirect kills. However, keep in mind that you can also use this to cause an explosion in a specific area, which will count as an indirect kill.

However you do it, once all the enemies have died from indirect methods, the objective will complete and the trial will be over, earning you a gold medal so long as you hit all enemy weak points before killing them.

(1 of 4) You can light the tips of your arrows using the fire pit on the platform. All lit arrows will cause an indirect kill.


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