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Anomaly - Briudun Hill

Scott Peers

This mystery can be found in the southeast of Snotinghamscire, in the hills southwest of Snotingham.

Briudun Hill Anomaly, Snotinghamscire.

How to Complete the Briudun Hill Animus Anomaly in Snotinghamscire

As with other animus anomalies, once you interact with it a platform puzzle will materialize in front of you. You then need to reach the end by navigating it. To begin, run to the ruined tower and climb it to the first set of platforms. You’ll encounter a projector which you’ll need to direct the light from to the right of the first red block in front of you. Now jump to the other side of the red block and move the draggable reflector so that it directs light to the tall unstable structure ahead. When you reach the unstable structure, you’ll want to wait until it becomes unstable and then begin to climb it as soon as it becomes stable again. This is to ensure that you don’t fall off halfway through when it becomes unstable.

From the top of the spherical platform, you’ll see another draggable reflector nearby. Move this toward the projector on the lone thin platform so that it directs the light to the square unstable structure located between the red blocks. What happens next will require good timing: you’ll need to wait for the unstable structure to become unstable, and then immediately jump onto it just before the light from the reflector makes it stable again. This will give you enough time to reach the other side where another projector can be found.

Once you’re on the other side of the unstable platform, direct the light to your left, between the two red blocks, onto the longer unstable platform. You can now return to the other side where the draggable reflector is, but be sure to time your jumps properly, as before. Once you’re back with the draggable reflector, move it to the other side and use it to reflect the light onto the larger unstable platform. You can now step on to this and run to the projector at the end of it. You’ll need to project the light from this onto the tall unstable structure in the distance, as shown in the screenshot below.

(1 of 6) The location of the mystery in the southeast of Snotinghamscire.

Finally, move the draggable reflector back to a position where it reflects the light onto the smaller unstable platform on the other side of the larger one. You can then jump back onto the unstable platform and return to the projector on the other side. Shine this one at the last remaining unstable structure above you, then jump back to the other side and run to the unstable structure where you just aimed the light from the projector. You’ll notice that it will shift between a stable and unstable state. You should only begin to climb it as soon as it becomes stable, immediately after it has finished its unstable phase.

Once you’re on top of the spherical stable structure, jump over to the two projectors nearby. You’ll need to time this correctly by waiting for the structure to become stable after an unstable phase just before you jump. Once you’re on the stable platform with the two projectors next to each other, project the right one (as you jumped toward them) onto the unstable structure nearest to it. Now project the other light to the structure to the left of it. This will allow you to jump up to the projector above you, at which point the unknown voices will begin to speak again.

From here, move the draggable reflector to the right until it connects with the unstable structure in the distance. You can now jump back down to the two projectors and project them both at the platform they were initially facing. This will make it completely stable so that you can reach the spherical platform without having to worry about timing. All you need to do now is navigate your way up to the anomaly, which is a relatively simple matter since there are no longer any unstable structures or projectors to get in your way.

(1 of 2) Shine the light from both projectors at the corresponding platforms. You can then shine them both at the platform you just came from on the way back.

Shine the light from both projectors at the corresponding platforms. You can then shine them both at the platform you just came from on the way back. (left), The last reflector on the higher platform should be used to direct the light to the unstable structure in the distance. (right)


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