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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Treasures of River Dee

Seren Morgan-Roberts

River Dee.


This page offers a guide on where to locate Saint George’s Armor on the River Dee. To access the River Dee, you’ll first need to complete the other River Raids quests, and then also find the clues to unlock the River Dee.

Unlocking the River Dee

Before you’ll be able to access the River Dee as a raiding area, you’ll need to find the clues located on the River Severn and the River Exe.

River Severn Clue

The clue on the River Severn can be found at the Northern Monastery, which is the furthest point to the northeast. Head up into the main building of the monastery by smashing a window, then shoot the door link through the metal bars. You’ll then be able to head back outside to use the unbarred door so you can grab the clue on the table.

(1 of 3) The Northern Monastery is located in the far northeast portion of the map.

River Exe Clue

The clue on the River Exe is found in Escanceaster Monastery, which is in the eastern section of the map. Head up into the largest abbey at the top of the hill and you’ll find the clue on a table inside. You can use Odin’s Sight to help you locate it.

(1 of 2) The Escanceaster Monastery is found in the eastern region of the map

The Escanceaster Monastery is found in the eastern region of the map (left), and the clue is found in the main abbey atop the monastery grounds. (right)

Finding Saint George’s Armor

The goal of this quest is to find the two pieces of Saint George’s legendary armor somewhere on the River Dee. You’re told that the pieces will be found in larger military locations, so you can rule out monasteries and civilian settlements.

The armor you will find on the River Dee are the Saint George’s Great Helm and Saint George’s Armor.

(1 of 5) You’ll find the Great Helm in one of several large military camps.

Armor Locations

The armor pieces spawn randomly within military locations, so we cannot give you the exact location of where it might spawn during your raid. However, there are areas that they are more likely to spawn in, since there are only a few large military locations. You’ll either need to head to Forward Camp, Staging Camp, Deebury and Hillview Outpost. Forward Camp is in the wester portion of the map, with Staging Camp more central but still a little to the west. Then Hillview Outpost is in the south east, and Deebury is in the north near Deva Victrix, where the Holy Sword can be found during The Sword of Saint George quest. It is worth noting that these larger military outposts should definitely be searched first as they are the most likely place to find the armor, however, some players have also found them in small camps though this is quite rare and more likely to be a bug since the quest specifies that the armor is located in larger camps.

(1 of 2) To the west, you’ll find Forward Camp and Staging Camp and to the east you’ll find Hillview Outpost

To the west, you’ll find Forward Camp and Staging Camp and to the east you’ll find Hillview Outpost (left), then to the northeast, you’ll also find Deebury. (right)

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