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Trial of the Raven - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Scott Peers

This page details how to get the highest mastery points for the gold medal during the Trial of the Raven at the East Anglia - Dunwic Mastery Challenge.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Raven Objectives

To earn the gold medal for the Trial of the Raven at Dunwic, you need to earn the following points for each objective, which amount to the perfect score of 1,000 points combined.

Objective Mastery Points
Put enemies to sleep 440
Kill only your target 330
Remain anonymous 170
Assassinate Hildiran 60

How to Find Hildiran

Use Thorn of Slumber

As you make your way to the locations of Hildiran, you’ll need to use the Thorn of Slumber ability to put some enemies to sleep. It is actually possible to reach Hildiran without putting any enemies to sleep, but it will require a lot more patience to observe the patrol routes of different groups of enemies, then make your move within brief windows of opportunity while their backs are turned away from you. In any case, you need to put a certain number of enemies to sleep to complete that objective, so this is a necessity at the beginning of the trial. Just make sure that you don’t kill Hildiran before completing this objective first.

The main potential issue here is that you’ll need Adrenaline Slots each time that you use Thorn of Slumber, and since you’re not allowed to kill any of the guards, you can’t gain any Adrenaline from doing so. The only source of Adrenaline in this area is from consuming Blackish Purple Russula mushrooms, which you’ll find scattered throughout the area. You will also find some Blue Roundhead mushrooms in the area, but you should never consume these since they inflict damage.

To ensure the best chances of success when using Thorn of Slumber, you should always aim directly at an enemy. If you can, you should wait for another enemy to be nearby so that the cloud of smoke puts them to sleep at the same time, which will save you using another Adrenaline Slot. It can be tempted to fire at a position between two enemies, but we’d generally advise against this as it doesn’t always put both to sleep due to insufficient range.

Hildiran’s First Location

You’ll need to find and attempt to assassinate Hildiran in two locations in the trial area. The first is located in some bushes that you can find by heading up the ramp made from a cart just above the area where you start, as seen in the screenshot below. Once you’re through the window, move directly ahead towards the patrolling guards. You should have enough Adrenaline Slots to put both to sleep, and you’ll find Hildiran in the bushes to your right once you do.

(1 of 4) Avoid eating the Blue Roundhead mushrooms, as these will damage you.

All you have to do once you’ve found Hildiran is attempt to assassinate her in the bushes. You won’t be able to inflict enough damage to kill her at this stage, so she’ll teleport away to another location.

Hildiran’s Second Location

The second location of Hildiran is actually just on the opposite side of the wall where you found her the first time. If you haven’t put the nearby enemies to sleep, or if they’ve woken up by this time and you don’t have any Adrenaline Slots left, you’ll need to use the bushes to leave the area and time your movements carefully so that you’re not spotted by them, as shown in the gif below.

On the other side of the fence, your main obstacle will be sneaking around the brute guard who patrols the area. If you can’t put them to sleep with Thorn of Slumber, and also the other enemies nearby to ensure they don’t investigate, you’ll need to get inside the bushes by climbing the nearby wall next to the haystack. You can then wait and observe the movements of the brute, before making your move them their back is turned, as shown in the gif below.

So long as you remained anonymous and didn’t kill any of the guards, but put a sufficient number of them to sleep to complete the associated objective, this should be an easy trial to complete. It will require a lot of patience to become familiar with the movements of the guards, but you can always use the bushes and walls / other objects to hide while you observe.


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