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Kildesbig Anomaly

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on where to locate and how to complete the Kildesbig Anomaly, which is a Mystery located in Ledecestrescire, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Location: Kildesbig Anomaly Mystery.

Repair the Animus Anomaly

This anomaly is located southwest of Ragnarsson Lookout. When you interact with it, a glitchy parkour course will reveal itself, and you’ll need to make your way along it to reach the top so you can repair the loose data package that’s creating the anomaly.

A parkour course will appear when you interact with the glitch.

Make your way along the first set of blocks until you reach an unstable structure. You’ll need to move the lightbeam from the block you just parkoured over to the one you now need. Now, follow the parkour course until you reach the next puzzle section.

Use the unstable structure on the right to head up and redirect the light beam onto one of the central unstable structures up ahead. Then hop back to the large platform behind and use the light beam to stabilise the structure the the left. Use that structure to head up onto the higher platform and redirect the left light beam onto the second of the central unstable structures.

The unstable structures are stabilised by a beam of light and you'll be able to walk on them safely.

During the next puzzle section, you’ll need to redirect the left light beam onto one of the unstable structures up ahead, then head over to the light beam on the right hand side and aim that at the reflector that’s found on the higher platform on the left. Head up onto the reflector platform and use it to aim the reflected beam onto the second unstable structure. From there, you’ll be able to continue along the parkour course until you reach the final puzzle section.

You’ll first want to head to the left and redirect the beam onto the unstable structure to the right (it’s already stabilised!). Then head across the stabilised platform to the reflector, then redirect the light beam onto the unstable structure up ahead. Now cross back over and head to the light beam on the left and point it at the second unstable structure up ahead. You can now climb up the stable walls to reach the loose data package and complete the mystery. If you’re following the structure of our guide this will be the first anomaly that you complete, unlocking the It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature! trophy.

The animus anomaly puzzles can get a little tricky!


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