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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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How to Complete Kara's Tale Challenges

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about the Valkyrie Arena at Kara’s Domain in Svaladal, Svartalfheim, part of the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC. We’ll cover how to unlock and complete all of the tale challenges, the levels of difficulty for each challenge and the fastest ways to complete them to earn Tokens of Kara, and the main enemies that you’ll face during each tale challenge. We’ll also list the various boasts that can be applied for each tale and how to unlock them, and all of the rewards that can be purchased from Kara with her tokens.

Havi, Dawn of Ragnarok DLC.

How to Unlock All Kara’s Domain Tale Challenges

Unlocking the Tales

As you make your way through the three main regions of Svartalfheim: Gullnamar, Svaladal, and Vangrinn, you’ll encounter some artifacts known as Heroic Sagas. Upon finding your first Heroic Saga, you’ll begin the quest Heroic Scholar. This will prompt you to find all 12 Heroic Sagas throughout the realm, which relate to tales about the legendary dwarf known as Gaefuleysi. You’ll discover the location of Kara’s Domain when you begin this quest, so you can inspect the Valkyrie Arena and complete the tale challenges which are unlocked and available to you. If you haven’t completed any of the Dawn of Ragnarok main story quests at this point, but you’ve completed everything else in the base game, you’ll only have access to The Fallen Warriors, The Shapeshifters of Legend, Glacial Bear Encounter, The Midgard Challengers, The Great Swamp Witches, and The Trickster and his Legions. All of the other tales will be unlocked as you defeat the associated main enemies.

You may find that even after you’ve completed all the main story and mysteries, collected all wealth and artifacts, that there are still two Tale Challenges which are locked. To unlock the last two tales (A Tale of Ice and Fire and The Champions of Jotunheim), you’ll need to travel to Austri-stifla, one of the enormous dams located in the northeast of Svartalfheim, as shown in the screenshot below. Here you will need to equip all of the Jotun armor pieces that you acquire by defeating Suttungr’s Outriders. If you haven’t defeated these yet, be sure to complete all of the Dwarf in Distress mysteries in each region, as this will give you clues that reveal the locations of the Jotnar groups. Defeating each group will give you a piece of the armor set.

You will need all of the Jotun armor pieces to pass through the magical barrier located at Austri-stifla. On the other side of the barrier you’ll find Riekr, an elite Jotnar enemy who you’ll need to defeat to unlock the last two tales mentioned above.

Unlocking the Boasts

As you begin your first tale, you’ll notice that you have at least two boasts that can be applied: Enemy Stun Resistance and Ability Trade-Off, both of which are unlocked by default. All of the other boasts are unlocked as you acquire their associated Heroic Saga artifact, which are linked in the table related to Arena Boasts below. Each new boast that you apply will make the tale challenges more difficult in specific ways, such as reducing the damage you deal, increasing the damage you take, reducing your stamina capacity, removing your weapons and much more. You don’t have to apply any of these boasts to complete the tales, but the more you apply, the more tokens you’ll earn. It’s a good idea to find the right balance for yourself in terms of the amount and type of boasts that you apply in accordance with your ability in combat.

In general, you’ll find it much easier to complete each challenge if you keep your weapons, so try to avoid applying the Bare-Handed boast if you can. If you find using ranged attacks is valuable to you, don’t use the No Ranged boast. If you’re not too confident with your ability to make Perfect Dodges, don’t use the Slow Stamina Regeneration boast. You get the picture. Pick the boasts that you think you can handle based on your playstyle, but by all means: do try using all of the boasts at least once for the most challenging tales, as this presents some of the most difficult combat encounters in the game!

(1 of 4) You'll unlock more tales as you discover more Heroic Saga artifacts.

All Valkyrie Arena Tales

All Valkyrie Arena Boasts

Kara’s Token Rewards

(1 of 2) The enemies you face in the tale challenges become much tougher to defeat with each boast that you apply.

The enemies you face in the tale challenges become much tougher to defeat with each boast that you apply. (left), But it's all worth it to gain the rewards, like this impressive Dwarven beard! (right)

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