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Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after The Count of Paris. Now that the city of Paris has been subdued, Count Odo defeated and King Charles paid off, it’s time for some celebrations. There are two activities that you can partake in here, earning you some rewards in the form of silver and a new one-handed sword. You’ll also have the option of romancing Pierre if you wish.

Skal!, Siege of Paris DLC.

Speak with Toka to Race the Pig

You can partake in the first activity by speaking with Toka. She’ll tell you about the race with the pig, and a brief conversation will ensue. During the exchange you’ll have to choose between the following dialogue options with Toka:

“No lessons, today.”

“You will listen, Toka.”

“You are very drunk.”

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, as the outcome will be the same. However, Toka’s disposition toward Eivor will depend on whether you gave Bernard to Charles or not during The Count of Paris.

After the conversation, you’ll receive a new one-handed sword named Ring-sword. You can then take part in the race against Toka and the pig.

Speak with Pierre to Throw the Cheese

The second activity involves throwing some cheese beyond a marked point. This is a simple game, and you’ll win it easily by aiming high. Speak with Pierre to begin the activity. If you get two blocks of cheese beyond the marked point, you’ll earn some silver. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in a brief romance here with Pierre if you wish. This won’t lead to a relationship, but just a fling. There are no consequences if you don’t want to, however.

(1 of 7) Speak with Toka to begin the pig race.

Find and Speak with Sigfred in the Longhouse

Once you’re done with both activities, Eivor will note the absence of Sigfred. You’ll need to find him in the longhouse and speak wit him. Doing so initiates a cutscene, during which Sigfred expresses his desire to continue plundering Francia, thereby betraying his word to Charles. Eivor isn’t happy with this, but Sigfred dismisses his concerns and walks over to the burial mounds. During the scene in the longhouse, Eivor will have the following dialogue options:

“We are warriors.”

“We need not fight to feast.”

“This is a celebration for our dead.”

It doesn’t matter which of these dialogue options you choose, as the outcome will be the same.

What Happens if You Fight Sigfred?

When you reach the burial mounds another cutscene with Sigfred will begin. Here you’ll have a number of dialogue options which will determine how this part of the quest progresses. If you choose dialogue option 1 in each case, you’ll see a peaceful outcome between Eivor and Sigfred. This will result in him leaving the clan, stating that he will set out alone to find a new way.

If you want to fight Sigfred, choose the second option. This will result in his death. Toka will appear to say a few words over the body, and a funeral will be held shortly after. Toka will forgive you for killing Sigfred, but the deer appearing on the hillside will serve as a reminder that calming him was always an option, which could have spared Toka her grief.

Regardless of the outcome, once Sigfred is gone, Toka will be left to lead the clan.


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