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Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on where to find all Book of Knowledge abilities in Svaladal in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

There are x3 Books of Knowledge to collect in Svaladal.

Knockback Arrow - Fidsthorp Book of Knowledge

This book of knowledge is found at Fidsthorp and to get it, you’ll need to do a pretty lengthy light projector puzzle! First head up onto the upper floor of the building and interact with the projector inside to direct it at the door behind it. In this small alcove, you’ll find a projector orb - pick it up and take it to the floor below via the hole to the left. Place the orb in the projector in the middle of this room.

Next, head back up onto the upper floor and interact with the projector again. This time aim it at the projector on the balcony. Next, adjust the balcony projector to light up the reflector on the wall opposite.

The projector on the wall outside has fans that you’ll need to hit to adjust where the light beam is directed. Hit the fans until the light beam is hitting a reflector to the left of the house. From this reflector, the light beam should be heading back into the house through a window and hitting a projector that you fixed earlier. If it isn’t already, point the ground floor projector out the window to the west so the light beam is hitting another reflector. Head outside over to the reflector and you’ll find that its bounced light downwards to a projector. Interact with this final projector to aim it at the target above the door to open it! Inside this room you’ll find the Book of Knowledge.

(1 of 7) A Book of Knowledge can be found in Fidsthorp.

Explosive Retreat - Sol-ok-Mani Vault Book of Knowledge

A Book of Knowledge can be found at Sol-ok-Mani Vault. It is found in a locked room along with a cosmetic scheme. To enter the room, you’ll need to use light projectors. The first one you need is found in the lava. To interact with this projector, you’ll not only need to use the Power of Muspelheim but also need to ensure it’s night time. This particular projector only works at night! If it isn’t already night, you can meditate to pass the time.

Point the light projector at the projector hung on the wall on the left. Then, use your bow and arrow to hit the fan on the projector until the light beam is hitting the target above the door. Once the beam is directed at the door, you’ll be able to head on in and retrieve both the cosmetic scheme and the book of knowledge.

(1 of 3) A light scheme can be found at Sol-ok-Mani Vault.

Split Shot - Tjarnar Mylna Book of Knowledge

This book of knowledge can be found in the Tjarnar Mylna raiding location. To access it, first locate the large entrance into the mines below one of the buildings. From here, you’ll first have to take out some of the enemies before you can head onto the left balcony. At the end of this balcony, you’ll find a door into a room with a whole load of projectors and reflectors! Don’t worry though, this is one of the easier light projector puzzles! All you have to do is interact with the first projector and use it to direct the beam to the reflector to the west.

It’ll rather dramatically bounce off a bunch of reflectors before directing through a window in the opposite room onto a target above a door. After doing this, head out this room and back down the stairs and then on your right you’ll find some breakable ice that you can smash, allowing you to pass through into the room where you can now access the book of knowledge!

(1 of 3) A Book of Knowledge can be found in Tjarnar Mylna.


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