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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla


Scott Peers

There are currently four Tombs of the Fallen to be found in AC Valhalla, including the Manius’s Sanctum. We’ve listed each below, including where to find them in England and the rewards that can be found in each, including the Fallen Hero armor set and mysterious artifacts.

Tombs of the Fallen, AC Valhalla.

How to Start Tombs of the Fallen

To begin the Tombs of the Fallen quests, you need to speak with the residents of Ravensthorpe who are gathered by the docks, just to the west of Gudrun the boat builder. When you speak with the residents they’ll tell you that their animals have been acting strangely, breaking out of their pens and running into the river. Eivor sends their raven Synin to investigate, but even the raven acts oddly as they near the site of the tomb.

(1 of 4) You’ll find the residents on the western side of the Ravensthorpe docks.

Where to Find the Tombs of the Fallen

Tomb of the Fallen Location Rewards
Manius’s Sanctum South of Ravensthorpe, Ledecestrescire Fallen Hero Cape
Boudicca Tomb Northeast of Brisleah Farm, East Anglia Fallen Hero Bracer, Fallen Hero Greaves, Boudicca Tomb Artifact
Cassivellaunus Tomb Northwest of Repton, Sciropescire Fallen Hero Breastplate, Cassivellaunus Tomb Artifact
Venutius Tomb Southwest of Donecaestre, Eurvicscire Fallen Hero Helmet, Venutius Tomb Artifact
Verica’s Tomb East of Aethelnay, Hamtunscire Verica’s Sickle, Verica’s Tomb Artifact
Togodomnus’ Tomb West of Brimclif Monastery, Suthsexe Coming Soon!
Eden Ring Station South of Ravensthorpe, Ledecestrescire (Beneath Manius’ Sanctum) Blazing Sword

Fallen Hero Armor

Once you’ve completed all Tombs of the Fallen, you’ll have the full Fallen Hero armor set. This has some of the best stats in the game, and arguably some of the best set bonuses:

  • Increase Armor, Melee Damage, and Ranged Damage when equipped
  • Getting hit drops a pulse that explodes after a delay, dealing damage in an area and knocking down enemies

The visuals you can judge for yourself:

(1 of 3) The Fallen Hero Cape.

What Are Tomb of the Fallen Artifacts?

Aside from Manius’s Sanctum, each of the three Tombs of the Fallen that are currently in the game have a mysterious artifact hidden in them. It’s not required to loot the artifact in order to complete the tomb, but you should pick them up anyway. The artifacts are likely to be useful for a future Tombs of the Fallen content update, perhaps to open the main circular chamber at the centre of Manius’s Sanctum. In the location of the artifact at Venutius Tomb there’s also a note from Hildiran, possibly hinting at an association between the Tombs of the Fallen and Mastery Challenge content.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the artifacts in your inventory once you’ve looted them.

You’ll find the artifacts in your inventory once you’ve looted them. (left), The note from Hildiran suggests that the Tomb of the Fallen content may be linked to the Mastery Challenges in a future update. (right)

Title Update 1.6.1 - New Tombs of the Fallen Pack 2 Locations

The new Title Update 1.6.1 for AC Valhalla introduced the Rune Forge building at Ravensthorpe, but also new Tombs of the Fallen. We’ve updated the table above with the locations of the new tombs, but we’ve also provided screenshots which show the precise locations below.

Where to Find Verica’s Tomb

You’ll find Verica’s Tomb east of Aethelnay in Hamtunscire, at the southeastern part of the map of England.

(1 of 4) The location of Verica’s Tomb in Hamtunscire, circled in red here.

Where to Find Togodomnus’ Tomb

You’ll find Togodumnus’ Tomb west of Brimclif Monastery in Suthsexe, in the southern part of the map of England.

(1 of 4) The location of Togodomnus’ Tomb in southern Suthsexe, on the southern coast of England.

How to Enter Manius’ Sanctum

There is a third tomb introduced with this update, but you’ve been there before. This is the tomb opposite Ravensthorpe to its south - Manius’ Sanctum - which you will finally be able to enter after completing both Verica’s Tomb and Togodomnus’ Tomb.

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