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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Scott Peers

There are a total of 30 Ymir’s Tear Stones within Asgard. Once you’ve collected all 30, you can hand them in at Ymir’s Altar, located on the eastern side of the central island within Asgard, as shown below. Doing so also completes the mystery, Ymir’s Altar, granting you +5 Skill Points.

Location Description
Noble Harts Mystery Can only be obtained after completing the Noble Harts mystery
Northern Island - Heimdall’s Tower 1 Behind Heimdall’s Tower by the shore on the northeastern side
Northern Island - Heimdall’s Tower 2 Behind a barricade east of the tower
Northern Island - Heimdall’s Tower 3 Within a hidden passage at the bottom of the tower
Central Island - Bifrost Behind a waterfall below the southeastern side of the rainbow bridge
Central Island - North Side Behind a barricade north of the small bridge
Central Island - Northeastern Side On the balcony of a wooden hut overlooking the sea
Central Island - Ymir’s Altar Beneath the altar in a cave accessed from the southeastern side
Central Island - West of Ymir’s Altar At the end of a red pennant banner in the central courtyard
Central Island - Ivaldi’s Forge 1 At the top of the forge on a wooden platform
Central Island - Ivaldi’s Forge 2 In a hidden room at the southeast side of the forge
Western Island - Beneath Mountain Beneath the mountain through a crack at its southeastern side
Southern Island - Southeast of Utangard Chasm In an underwater cave beneath the synchronization point at Litamiotvir
Southern Island - Utangard Chasm 1 In a locked chest at the southwestern side of the chasm. Kill and loot nearby Jotnar for the key
Southern Island - Utangard Chasm 2 Behind a locked gate at the centre of the chasm. Destroy barricade above it to access the chest
Southern Island - Utangard Chasm 3 Through a crack in the wall at the northern end of the chasm. Move barricades to access chest
Southern Island - East of Utangard Chasm 1 In a small cave near a glade with ruins east of Utangard Chasm
Southern Island - East of Utangard Chasm 2 In ruins far to the east of Utangard Chasm. Shoot fire pot from above to destroy barricade
Eastern Island - Southwest of Well of Urdr At the bottom of the sea between the southern and eastern island of Asgard
Eastern Island - Well of Urdr 1 On a ledge within the first chamber of the Well of Urdr. Align light beams to access
Eastern Island - Well of Urdr 2 In a hidden chamber near the entrance to the Well of Urdr
Small Southeastern Island - Southeast of Well of Urdr In a shipwreck on the small island at the southeasternmost point of the map
Eastern Island - Trolltonn 1 At the centre of the camp ruins, surrounded by Jotnar
Eastern Island - Trolltonn 2 Through a breakable ice wall to the east of the first chest in Trolltonn
Eastern Island - Trolltonn 3 Behind a barricade north of the second chest in Trolltonn
Eastern Island - Trolltonn 4 Atop the tower covered in ice at the centre of Trolltonn
Eastern Island - North of Trolltonn 1 On a wooden platform attached to a tree north of Trolltonn. Climb large tree nearby to access platform
Eastern Island - North of Trolltonn 2 In a house at the northernmost end of the eastern island. Break wooden barricade on the eastern side to enter house
Indre Holm - Northern Side In a hidden cave accessed from beneath the water on the northern end of Indre Holm. Align light beams to break magical barrier
Indre Holm - Southern Side In the Builder’s hideout on the southern side of Indre Holm
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