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The Siege of Paris

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after Dark Before Dawn. Now that you’ve killed Ebels and broken through the gates of Paris, the battle in the outer walls begins.

The Siege of Paris.

Follow Goll Through Paris and Survive the Ambush

Once you’re through the gates of Paris, you’ll need to follow Goll through the streets, killing any enemies as you come across them. Eventually you’ll reach an area where there are no Frankish soldiers, and all seems silent. At this point a cutscene will begin, during which you’re ambushed and surrounded by a ring of fire. Goll will die here, but you need to fight your way out by killing all of the soldiers. Another cutscene will follow, after which you’ll have a new objective to light two nearby towers in order to guide the catapult fire.

Light the Towers to Guide the Catapults

After surviving the ambush, you’ll need to escort Toka to a nearby tower in the southeast. You should ensure that Toka remains close to you at all times, as the quest won’t progress if you leave her behind. Once you reached the first tower, Toka will ask you to climb up and light the brazier before blowing her horn. You can do this by throwing your torch at it, or just jumping onto it with your torch and then off again quickly. Try not to get caught on fire here if you’re on high difficulty settings, as this can actually kill you within a few seconds if you’re not careful.

Once the first brazier is lit, jump back down using the haystack below and then head north toward the second tower. You can run through the burning building and follow the rooftop connections to the bottom of the second tower, then climb it and light this brazier in the same way that you lit the first. After this a cutscene will begin, and you’ll be prompted to search for clues to find and assassinate Bishop Gozlin. You can follow this method for a dramatic assassination, or you can confront him in a boss fight if you prefer. We’ve covered both methods below.

(1 of 4) Survive the ambush in the ring of fire by defeating all the soldiers.

How to Complete the Assassination Event for Bishop Gozlin

If you want to take the dramatic route in taking out Bishop Gozlin, you should avoid entering the church from the front door on the ground floor. Instead, go to the church bell tower (shown in the screenshot below) and speak with the performer who is tied up there. You can enter the church from the ground floor and then climb up a ladder on the eastern side. Once you’ve freed the performer, he’ll offer you a key to the second floor of the church where Gozlin is held up.

To reach Gozlin, leave the church bell tower and look for a ladder to the second floor to the west. Use the key to open the door at the top of the scaffolding, then make your way to the far eastern side of the church. Here you’ll find a large cross on the wall. Shoot the fire pot beneath it to cause the cross to fall onto Gozlin, killing him in the process.

(1 of 5) Read the note for a clue leading you to the performer in the bell tower.

Boss Fight: Find and Defeat Bishop Gozlin

If you’d rather face Bishop Gozlin directly in a boss fight, all you need to do is kill the Standard Bearers in the vicinity. This will prompt the captain of the guard to exit the nearby chapel on the southern side of the church. The captain holds the key to the church, so once you’ve defeat him (he’s an elite Gedriht unit) you can loot the key and enter the church to trigger a brief cutscene, before the boss fight with Gozlin begins.

Gozlin has a similar combat style to his brother Ebels, in that he wields a two-handed sword which has a long reach during special attacks. The difference here is that Gozlin often chains his attacks more frequently and with greater speed than his brother Ebels. You’ll therefore need to dodge multiple times or roll further away if you fail a parry or a block of his regular attacks, as you could be hit two or four times within quick succession, which is a death sentence with the damage dealt on the hardest difficulty.

You’ll find weak points on Gozlin’s left leg and right arm. Try to hit these early on so that you can execute a stun attack, which will inflict massive damage. Beyond this, you’ll need to be on the move constantly to avoid Gozlin’s chain attacks, unless you’re confident with parrying and blocking them. You won’t be able to block his special red rune aura attack, during which he leaps forward after a brief charging period. He can hone in on your position incredibly quickly by using this skill, so get ready to dodge or roll as soon as you see the red rune aura above his head.

So long as you can avoid the chain attacks and the special red rune aura attacks, the key to defeating Gozlin is hitting him with short bursts of heavy and light attacks, before moving out of the way or parrying/blocking his chain attacks before they overwhelm you. You’ll need to regain stamina before another burst attack by running around the room if you haven’t been able to parry or block his attacks, so keep this in mind. If you’re caught off guard without any stamina, it will only take a few hits for Gozlin to take you out, so try not to be too greedy by attempting to hit Gozlin too many times in a row, leaving you with no stamina.

Aside from the burst attacks, you should make use of your special abilities whenever you have the chance, which will inflict high damage in a short amount of time. You can also spam arrows at Gozlin’s head, which is an easy way to bring a good chunk of his health down once you’ve hit his weak points. The key here is to not stay within a close proximity to Gozlin for too long, as this will give him an opportunity to spam his high damage sweeping attacks with the two-handed sword.

(1 of 8) Kill the standard bearers to force the captain to emerge from the nearby chapel.

However you decide to kill Gozlin, once he’s dead a cutscene will follow and the quest will end.


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