This quest begins immediately after A Wise Friend. To progress with the quest, you will need to build the Seer’s Hut in Ravensthorpe. This will cost 800 Supplies and 60 Raw Materials, which you can acquire from raiding monasteries and other centres of wealth.

Drink the Potion and Enter Asgard

Once the Seer’s Hut is built, Valka will ask whether you’re ready to talk about your visions again. She will state that to pursue an understanding of them, she will need to brew a special potion. To brew the potion she requires one more ingredient, thistle, which can be found growing around the pond to the right of her hut (northeast).

(1 of 3) Before you can begin the quest you must build Valka’s Hut.

After you’ve gathered enough thistle, bring it to Valka to proceed. She will brew the potion and then leave it on the side for you to drink when you’re ready. When you drink the potion you will be transported to a representation of Asgard. A cutscene will begin and you’ll have a few dialogue options, none of which have any significant impact. During the cutscene it becomes clear that Eivor is envisioning himself as Odin, referred to here as Hávi. When the initial cutscene in Asgard is over, you can choose to stay and pursue the Asgard arc, or you can leave Asgard as soon as possible by following the steps below.

Did You Know? Hávi (Old Norse for “High One”) is one of many names used to refer to Odin. The three female figures he (or Eivor) is speaking to in the cutscene are likely representations of Verðandi, Skuld, and Urðr, three of the most significant Norns (weavers of Fate) in Scandinavian mythology. They are said to draw water from the Well of Fate, feeding it to the world tree Yggdrasil to preserve it.

How to Leave Asgard

If you want to leave Asgard as soon as possible, head southeast from your position, behind the throne, and use the teleportation platform. This will transport you southwest of the throne, and beneath it.

Tip: After the cutscene, before you do anything else you should synchronize with the point where you find yourself currently for ease of access later.

From the teleportation platform, head northeast to the Great Hall. Here you will meet a number of other deities including Tyr, Thor, and Freyja. They are discussing plans for the defence of Asgard following recent attacks, and as a representation of Hávi (Odin) you are in a position of authority to assert what should be done next. A plan is proposed to meet the enemy on the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, which connects Asgard to Midgard. At this point you can choose to fight alongside Thor, Tyr, or Freyja on the bridge.

(1 of 9) Choose whatever dialogue you wish when speaking with the Norns.

After choosing your companion, head northwest to the bridge. You can fight as many giants as you wish on the bridge, but ultimately this won’t do anything to progress the quest. Instead, you should continue across Bifrost to Heimdall’s Tower, where you can close the gate to stop the flow of enemies. When the gate is closed you’ll hear Loki speaking with a man known only as The Builder. Walk over to them and go through the motions of dialogue.

After the cutscene, you will now have the ability to Wake Up and travel back to Midgard at any time. To do so, open your map and select the eye icon located east of Heimdall’s Tower.

Note: From now on, at any time you can return to Asgard by drinking the potion in Valka’s Hut. This will allow you to pursue the Asgard arc.

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