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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Road to Hamartia

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after Honor Has Two Edges. After joining Faravid in a fight against the Picts, it’s time to return to Halfdan. You’ll find him in the fortress at Donecaestre.

Tell Halfdan Faravid is Honorable, or Planning an Attack…

When you speak with Halfdan at Donecaestre, he will ask you to speak plainly with regard to Faravid. Here you will have two choices:

  1. “Faravid is planning an attack.”
  2. “Faravid is honorable.”

Although the decision here seems consequential, in truth it won’t have much of an impact to the story. If you tell Halfdan that Faravid is honorable, he won’t believe you anyway, and will ask you to continue watching him for evidence of treachery. If you tell Halfdan that Faravid is planning an attack, at least you know that you’re telling Halfdan the truth. We recommend that you tell Halfdan the truth, since it won’t change the outcome of the quest anyway.

Find and Speak with Moira

Regardless of what you choose, once the scene with Halfdan is over you’ll need to find Moira’s house in the southern part of Donecaestre. Eivor is suspicious about the brew that she has been feeding Halfdan, and wants to uncover the truth. When you approach the southern gate of Donecaestre, use your raven to scout the more precise location of Moira’s house, southeast of the gate. When you enter the house, you’ll find that Moira isn’t there. Read the note on the table at the back of the house, revealing that Moira has probably gone to Wyke to aid here sister.

You’ll find the small village of Wyke northeast of Donecaestre. The quickest way there is with your longship, which you can dock at Wyke once you’re there. From the dock, head northwest through the village to the house in the woods. You can use your raven to identify the area if necessary. When you reach the house, you’ll find a small crowd of people outside, insisting that Moira is a witch. You can speak with them, but it’ll do no good. Tempting as it is, you don’t need to kill any of these poor deluded fools. Instead, climb the house and enter it through the wooden barricade on the roof.

When Eivor speaks to Moira inside the house, you’ll have two options with regard to how to help Moira escape:

  1. “I can talk my way out of this.”
  2. “Pretend you are hurt.”

If Eivor’s Charisma level is 3 or above, you can choose option one and convince the crowd to leave. You’ll have to go outside and speak with the same man who refused to see reason initially. If you choose this option and your Charisma level is below 3, you can still fight the man to scare the crowd off. The second option requires a bit more of Moira’s input. Eivor will suggest that she make a convincing scream, suggesting that she has been hurt, and Eivor will then carry her away. The crowd will assume that Moira is mortally wounded, and will then disperse. Either way, you’ll need to break the lock on the door to leave, and head north with Moira.

(1 of 6) Search the house in the south of Donecaestre.

Once you’re in a safe spot away from the house, speak with Moira to confront her. You’ll have a few dialogue options here about Moira’s brew. Whichever you choose, Eivor will be satisfied that Moira isn’t poisoning Halfdan. After the conversation, you’ll need to find and report to Halfdan.

Find and Report to Halfdan

When you’re done with Moira, you’ll find Halfdan at the Temple of Brigantia, north of Donecaestre and west of Wyke. As you near the temple you’ll find that it’s in ruins. Use your raven to identify the general location, then speak with Halfdan in the northern part of the ruins. When you speak with Halfdan he’ll inform you that he’s been advised by one of his scouts to search the ruins for traitors. Mad as it sounds, you’ll need to search the top of the pillars to the south. Here you’ll find a scout, who you’ll need to carry down to Halfdan. To do so, use the ropes attached to the pillars and jump down to the lower pillars from it. Place the scout on the ground in front of Halfdan to begin a brief cutscene.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the Temple of Brigantia west of Wyke.

You’ll find the Temple of Brigantia west of Wyke. (left), Carry the scout down from the heights of the temple ruins. (right)

Follow Beonton to Petuaria Ruins

After the scene, you’ll need to follow Halfdan and his dog, Beonton, on the trail of the attackers. This will lead you to the Petuaria Ruins in the east. Once there, enter the ruins and use Odin’s Sight to highlight an area of interest to the north, in the form of a ladder leading down to a hidden entrance. Break the wooden barricade and climb down, then continue under the hole in the wall to the west. From here you’ll need to dive in the water and swim through the hole beneath to the other side. Once you reach the room with the fire pots, take one and use it to destroy the barricade to the north, allowing Halfdan to follow you.

With Halfdan beside you in the hidden rooms beneath the ruins, force open the red door to begin a cutscene. After the scene you can collect a key from the table in the treasure room, then use it to open the door to the south. Continue through the ruins until you reach a set of steps leading outside. A cutscene will soon follow.

(1 of 5) Break the barricade to enter the depths of the ruins.

Traitors must suffer or They do not deserve punishment?

When you’re outside another scene will begin, during which Ulf insists that he is not a traitor, and that he only took what he earned. Here you will have to choose between the following:

  1. “Traitors must suffer.”
  2. “They do not deserve punishment.”

If you choose option one, you will need to fight Ulf and his companions alongside Halfdan, resulting in the death of Ulf and his companions. If you choose option 2, this will lead to Ulf’s death only, as he’s not willing to give up what he sees as his rightful share. Ultimately this won’t have a significant impact on the rest of the story arc. Once you’ve made your decision, a brief scene will follow and the quest will end.

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