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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Tilting the Balance

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for the Tilting the Balance main quest, part of The Kingmaker’s Saga story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This quest brings you back to Tamworth Fortress, northwest of Ravensthorpe, beginning after The Walls of Templebrough. Make your way to the southeastern section of the fortress, where you will find Sigurd and Ubba. They will both briefly express their discontent due to Lady Aethelswith’s lack of compliance, urging you to go and speak with her in the nearby outhouse. You’ll have a number of dialogue options here, but none of them have any significant lasting impact. Choose those based on your role-playing preferences. At the end of the scene, one way or another, Aethelswith will give you the information that you seek: the location of King Burgred.

Where to Find King Burgred

This time, the precise location of your quest objective will not be present on the map. Instead, the only information you have is that King Burgred is hiding somewhere in the south of Ledecestrescire, at the confluence of the rivers Arwy and Alne. Thankfully, there’s only one settlement in this region, making it the obvious target: Offchurch. This is only a short way southwest from Ravensthorpe, or if you’ve activated the synchronization point at Venonis, roughly 1400m south of this. Whichever way you choose to get there, once you’re in the area be sure to use your raven to scout the settlement. You’ll note that it’s a rather small, unsuspecting hiding place for a king.

(1 of 2) Speak with Aethelswith and persuade her to tell you where King Burgred is hiding.

Speak with Aethelswith and persuade her to tell you where King Burgred is hiding. (left), You’ll find King Burgred in Offchurch, a small camp with a crypt to the southwest. (right)

Kill the Camp Guards

As you approach the northern entrance to Offchurch, you’ll notice a tilted wooden cart to the southwest, just outside the walls. This will provide you with access to a tall wooden pole, which you can climb atop to get a good view of the guards within. Once you’re atop the pole, use this as a vantage point to take out as many guards as possible with your bow. Remember to use Odin’s Vision to highlight those nearby. You’ll find two to your left guarding the entrance, and three to your right: one at the entrance, and two near the fire by the tents. If you have the Mark of Death ability, this will be an excellent time to use it, allowing you to kill all five enemies within a few seconds. Otherwise, just aim and shoot as you please.

(1 of 3) Climb to the pole from the tilted cart to the right of the entrance to Offchurch.

If you’re not too confident with the bow, climb down into the camp from the pole. You can then assassinate each guard by luring them to the tall foliage beneath the pole. Alternatively, you can run along the rope attached to the poll, which extends throughout the camp and provides you with a quick route around it while avoiding the threat of melee attacks. If you need some respite, you’ll find a pile of hay near the tents which you can flee to and hide within. Killing all the regular guards will attract a nearby skirmisher, who you can swiftly take out with special abilities or by targeting their weak points. When all the enemies in the camp are dead, make your way to the central building and follow the steps down to the crypt.

Enter the Crypt

There’s only one guard in the first room down the steps. Take them out and then turn your attention to the west. You’ll find a hole in the wall at the end of the room on this side. Make your way through it to collect the Book of Knowledge, providing you with the Focus of the Nornir ability. Now head back to the main room where you killed the lone guard and head directly south. At the fork in the rooms turn right (west) and down the steps. In this room you’ll find another lone guard. Take them out in whatever way you see fit, but avoid breaking the fire pot beside them unless you’re planning on shooting it to watch the guard be consumed by flames. Now head west into the next room, where you’ll find a final guard who possesses a key.

Confront King Burgred

After killing the skirmisher, take the Offchurch Door Key from their body and use it to open the door they were guarding to the north, beyond which you’ll find King Burgred. The king isn’t too happy to see you, and won’t be taken without a fight. Luckily for him, you won’t be able to fight with your weapons, and will instead need to subdue him with your fists. This should prove an easy fight: King Burgred is slow, and is slow to regain his composure after each strike. Wait for him to attack and quickly dodge out of the way. This will leave him exposed to a few swift hits to the back. Alternatively, you can take him head on with heavy attacks, which will break through his defences and leave him exposed to a flurry of light attacks. Once you’ve almost entirely depleted Burgred’s health he will yield, allowing you to tie him up and carry him upstairs.

(1 of 6) Go through the hole in the wall on the western side of the main room in the crypt, leading you to Burgred.

Once you have killed everyone and looted everything in the crypt (there are still a few optional targets in the eastern room at the fork in the rooms, leading to a Carbon Ingot and the unique weapon Fyrd Spear), take King Burgred outside by the way you came in. You can then summon your horse and place him on the back. All that remains is for you to take him north to the bridge leading to Venonis, where Sigurd and Ubba are waiting. As soon as you arrive you will be ambushed, but don’t worry; you don’t need to stay and help. Instead, continue north to Tamworth with Burgred on horseback. You will be pursued by numerous riders, but so long as you keep going they won’t catch you. The quest will complete upon reaching Tamworth.

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