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Trial of the Wolf - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Scott Peers

This page details how to get the highest mastery points for the gold medal during the Trial of the Wolf at the Lincolnscire - Saint Guthlac’s Point Mastery Challenge.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Wolf Objectives

Objective Mastery Points
Simultaneous kills 490
Weak points hit 380
Eliminate all the guards 130

Take some time to review the gear and abilities available to you at the start of the trial.

Hit Weak Points First

The first thing you should do during this trial is aim to hit the weak points of as many enemies as you need to complete that objective. You will still need to kill enemies simultaneously more or less from the start to give you the best chances of ensuring that you do this enough throughout the trial, but if you get the weak point hit out of the way first, it will be less likely that you’ll accidentally kill an opponent before you have a chance to kill them simultaneously alongside another. You’ll find that almost every enemy has their weak point on a foot, but you can check this yourself by using Odin’s Sight, or just by drawing your bow in most cases, which should automatically highlight the weak point.

Once you’ve hit enough weak points to complete that objective and earn 380 mastery points, you can choose to keep doing this for the reason noted above, or if you’re confident that you know exactly how much health you will inflict with each type of hit (critical hits excluded), you can wait to hit the weak point for a moment when you need a few enemies to remain stationary as you use Mark of Death. If you’re having trouble hitting weak points in general, wait for an enemy to strike at you and then dodge it to initiate Brush With Death, which will slow time after a Perfect Dodge, giving you more time to hit the weak point.

How to Get Simultaneous Kills

As mentioned above, you should be trying to get simultaneous kills from the beginning of the trial. The only way to reliably do this is by using the Mark of Death ability, which you can use as often as you want so long as you have Adrenaline bars filled. You’ll find plenty of mushrooms around which will fill you Adrenaline bar, but if you can’t find any at some point and you need more, you can hit enemies on their lower body to inflict minor damage while you build Adrenaline, ready to use Mark of Death.

The above gif demonstrates that you can bring enemies down to low health and still fail to kill all of them at once. This can sometimes be preferable, since if you’re fighting four enemies you can maximize your gains by killing two first, then the other two next, giving you a total of two simultaneous kills. However, if you need to kill just two enemies together, you should be extra careful to make sure that they will both die at the same time when you use the Mark of Death ability.

The best way to do this is to aim at a part of the body on the enemy, usually the lower half, and check how much health they’ll have left by looking at how much white bar remains. The red bar will indicate the damage inflicted. This should be an accurate representation, but it isn’t completely reliable since you could always score a critical hit and kill them outright. Ultimately, you’ll need to get a feel for how much damage each of your arrow hits inflicts, then only inflict as much as you need to on each enemy before you’re ready to kill them together with the ability.

So long as you keep to the above principles throughout the trial, you shouldn’t find this one too difficult. You’ll need to do a fair bit of dodging to avoid being hit as you kite enemies while you bring groups of them to around the same health, but so long as you perform Perfect Dodges (thereby activating slowed time with Brush With Death), this should be easy. You may get away with killing one enemy alone and still earn the gold medal at the end, so don’t lose all hope if this happens once.

(1 of 4) You should aim to hit the weak point of every enemy that you encounter, usually found on their foot.

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