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Love Conquers

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the Love Conquers mystery in Svaladal in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

How to Start the Love Conquers mystery

This mystery is found east of Jordeygr Shelter. Search for the Jotun woman just east of one of the entrances into the shelter and speak to her to begin the quest. Even though she’s a Jotun, she isn’t an enemy! In fact, Vaskr needs your help to enter into Jordeygr Shelter so she can reunite with her Dwarven lover.

(1 of 2) Head east from Jordeygr Shelter

Head east from Jordeygr Shelter (left), to find Vaskr, a jotun woman in need of help. (right)

Escort Vaskr into Jordeygr Shelter

She’ll shape shift into a wolf and you’ll need to escort her into the shelter via the eastern entrance. As you enter in, you’ll be stopped by a couple of Dwarven Fugitives telling you that a wolf can’t be wandering around the shelter. Havi will convince them otherwise, and you’ll have to continue into the shelter with Vaskr to find her lover, Svass.

Escort Vaskr disguised as a wolf into the shelter.

Soon after they’re reunited, some wolves enter into the shelter and begin attacking the Dwarven fugitives. You and Vaskr will need to fend off the wolves. They’ll come in waves and you’ll need to follow Vaskr out of the shelter again as you fight several sets of wolves along the way. Wolves are pretty easy enemies but there’s always more than one in the fight which can sometimes be challenging to manage. Use your bow and arrow to take out wolves from afar to avoid too much melee combat as they have a nasty bite.

Once all wolves have been defeated, you’ll witness a heartwarming cut scene in which Vaskr and Svass profess their love in front of the other dwarves. Vaskr helped save the wolves so hopefully they accept her!

(1 of 3) Vaskr is reunited with Svass in the shelter.


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