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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Going Deeper...

Scott Peers

This page details all you need to know about the Going Deeper settlement quest in Ravensthorpe, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This quest begins once you have completed In Dreams…. You will need to progress through the Asgard arc (The Fate of the High One) until you complete The Big Finish before In Dreams will complete.

Where to Find Fireweed & St. John’s Wort in the Cavern of Trials

Once you’re back in Ravensthorpe, after informing Valka about Eivor’s visions, you’ll need to collect some more plants to explore the next set of dreams. You’ll find the plants you need in the region of Cent, northeast of Canterbury, within a hidden cave known as the Cavern of Trials.

When you enter the abandoned house, you’ll find a ladder leading into the cave system. Once inside, continue down the slope until you reach a chamber, where you’ll find the Key of Courage. Use this to open the nearby gate, beyond which you’ll find some Fireweed. From here, continue through the passage to the south to find more Fireweed and St. John’s Wort. Continue on until you reach a larger chamber, where you’ll find the Key of Agility. Jump over the rocks to loot it (click to loot while in mid air), and then continue through the passage to the northwest. You’ll find a large movable stone in the way here, but you can just move it back to progress through the cave to the next chamber.

In this chamber you’ll find some rubble contained in hanging nets. Shoot the links holding the nets in place, and then the link to the ladder leading to the central platform. Jump from the ropes here to loot the Key of Dexterity. Now that you have this key, go through the passage to the southeast and climb the large rock statue in this chamber. Once you’re at the top, go through the passage to the northeast. Here you’ll find more Fireweed and a rope leading to the central stone pillar, and a key above it. Go to the eastern side of the chamber to find two more St. John’s Wort, which should now be enough to form the potion for Valka. After this, climb the rope to the south to the rock in the centre of the chamber, then climb the rock to reach the rope above. From here you’ll be able to jump to the stone pillar below, and grab the Key of Balance.

(1 of 6) You’ll find the Cavern of Trials near the eastern coast in the region of Cent.

Complete the Cavern of Trials

Now that you have all four keys, go back to the main chamber through the passage to the south, where the large stone statue in the centre of the room is, and jump down to the base of the statue. Here you’ll find some gates which you can open with all four keys. Behind the second you’ll find a treasure chest containing a Nickel Ingot, and plenty more of both Fireweed and St. John’s Wort, though you shouldn’t need more at this point. Continue northward through the cave and climb higher until you find another movable stone. You won’t be able to move this one far, but instead you should climb on top of it to jump to the stone on the other side.

You’ll need to move this movable stone that you’ve jumped to northeast and then southeast, so that you can use it to jump to the next stone. Once you’re on the other side, do the same with the next stone, moving it southeast and then northeast. You’ll now be free to climb the remaining steps and find the last key, the Key of Wit, and the Mysterious Chessboard Tablet. Loot them both and then continue through the gate to the north to exit the cavern. You can now return to Valka and drink the new potion to begin the Jotunheim arc.

(1 of 4) To complete the trials, open the gate at the bottom of the main chamber.

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