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The Seed of Travi

Scott Peers

The Seed of Travi mystery can be found in central Vangrinn, just southeast of the Hodda Shelter, or northwest of Afalvat Mylna. As you approach the area you’ll hear a dwarf named Linco say “If only a champion, a hero of great magnitude, would heed my call and claim my weapon as their own!”

The Seed of Travi, Dawn of Ragnarok.

How to Reach the Hammer in the Lava Pit

When you speak with Linco he’ll recognize you as Havi, and he’ll tell you about the loss of his hammer, claiming that he tripped and threw it onto the rock in the centre of the nearby lava pit. Dubious as the story sounds, you should attempt to get the hammer back for him. At this point you can use the Power of Muspelheim to walk over the lava unharmed, but if you don’t have enough Hugr you can also just quickly sprint over the lava to reach the hammer. When you interact with it, a cutscene will play during which Linco turns out to be at least partially a Jotnar, and he hits you over the head.

How to Escape the Prison With Mikke

As you wake up without any of your gear, you’ll find yourself in a prison cell. A dwarf in the cell beside yours named Mikke will speak to you, offering a plan of escape. You have no other options at this point, so you’ll need to listen. Wait for Mikke to call the nearby Muspel guard over to him, and as he does look through the window where the guard is standing. Here you can steal the key to open the cell door while the guard is distracted.

Once you’re out of the cell, you’ll need to defeat the guard with only your fists. This should be a relatively easy task, but be ready to dodge any of the guard’s special attacks, since they will inflict a lot of damage while you have no gear, especially on high difficulty settings. After defeating the guard, you can speak with Mikke and then loot your gear from the nearby side room. Before you leave, be sure to obtain the Power of Muspelheim from the guard if you don’t currently have it equipped for your Hugr-Rip bracelet.

Get in the Boat with Mikke

You’ll need to pick Mikke up and then use the Power of Muspelheim to walk over the lava pit and carry him outside. If you don’t have enough Hugr for this, you’ll find plenty of plants which provide it in the room to your right after opening the locked door. The mystery will complete once you’ve taken Mikke outside, but don’t leave the area yet! Instead, you should get in the boat with Mikke and wait for him to row you out of the area. Once you reach a nearby shore, you’ll find the half-dwarf half-Jotnar Linco waiting there. It turns out that Mikke and Linco are brothers, and this was all an elaborate plan to rescue Mikke from the prison with your help.

Havi is impressed by the initiative of the dwarves, and wishes them well.

(1 of 7) The location of the Seed of Travi mystery.


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