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Trial of the Bear - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This Trial of the Bear can be triggered at the meditation area in Snotinghamscire but the trial itself is located within an imaginary Odin Mine Hideout.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Bear Objectives

To earn the gold medal for the Trial of the Bear at Odin Mine Hideout, you need to earn the following points for each objective, which amount to the perfect score of 1,000 points combined.

Objective Mastery Points
Rush & Bash kills 490
Stun attack kills 384
Kill the target 126

This means that you’ll need to prioritise killing as many enemies as possible via the Rush & Bash ability and stun attack kills, until the objectives are marked as complete and are removed from your active objectives. If you find yourself in a sticky situation due to being overwhelmed by enemies as you’re trying to get in an appropriate position to trigger stun attacks and Rush & Bash abilities, you can kill a few with regular attacks or reduce their health, before moving to another part of the outpost for some breathing space. You also need to kill an elite enemy target found near the end of the trial.

The Trial of the Bear at Odin Mine Hideout focuses on stun attacks and Rush & Bash kills.

How to Rush & Bash Kill Enemies

One of the biggest objectives in this trial is to Rush & Bash enemies, and the big kicker is that you’re not just meant to damage them, you’re also meant to directly kill them via the ability.

Rush & Bash Ability

When you trigger the Rush & Bash ability, you’ll start running forwards and it’ll be up to you to guide Eivor into an enemy. Then, once you’ve “grabbed” an enemy, you’ll need to continue running into a wall. The weaker enemies, such as the archers found further into the hideout will be the easiest to kill with the ability. In fact, you’ll want to focus on killing the archer with the ability and then stun attacking the melee enemies, but this isn’t a strict rule to follow by since there are some melee enemies in the first room in the trial that you could kill with Rush & Bash. If you need more adrenaline, there are several mushroom colonies around the hideout that replenish adrenaline bars that will then allow you to perform the ability.

How to Stun Attack Kill Enemies

This is quite a tricky objective since you don’t have a bow and arrow to perform the easiest method of achieving stun attacks, which is to shoot at weak points to deplete large chunks of stamina.

(1 of 2) Rush & Bash kills require that you grab enemies and slam them into walls to kill them

Rush & Bash kills require that you grab enemies and slam them into walls to kill them (left), Stun attacks are triggered when the enemy's stamina bar is drained completely. (right)

Draining Stamina via Parrying

Instead, you’ll have to parry enemies to damage their stamina slowly until you trigger a stun attack that way. With this in mind, you’ll need to parry melee enemies and focus on performing stun attacks on them (then use Stun & Bash on archers). Whilst parrying you’ll want to get a few hits in to not only damage them a bit but also replenish some of your own health.

Kill the Target

Before you kill the target, who is a Standard Bearer elite enemy, you’ll want to take out all of the other enemies as the objectives dictate. If you kill the target early then you’ll finish the trial early and miss out on important points. The awkward thing about this is that you’ll constantly have to be on the look out for his powerful ranged javelin attacks. If you need to get in some extra points for a certain objective then you can kill the target via a stun attack or Rush & Bash.

(1 of 2) You'll have to battle some melee enemies and parry their attacks to trigger stun attack finishers

You'll have to battle some melee enemies and parry their attacks to trigger stun attack finishers (left), and you'll also have to kill the target enemy, Standard Bearer. (right)


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