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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Elk of Bloody Peaks

Scott Peers

Location: Elk of Bloody Peaks’ Lair.


This page will offer a guide on where to locate and how to defeat the Legendary Animal, the Elk of Bloody Peaks in Rygjafylke.

Fighting the Elk

This is the first of nine Legendary Animals that you’ll need to defeat throughout Norway and England. The Elk can be located near a pool in the mountains to the west of Fornburg. You can only kill the Elk when you enter the Beast’s Lair, so unfortunately, sniping the Elk from afar won’t cut it.

Once you’ve started the fight, you’ll first want to lock onto the target and then use your bow to shoot at its Weak Point. Shooting at its weak point will drain the Elk of half of its stamina, meaning two shots will deplete its stamina completely. When you’ve shot the Elk twice, it’ll be temporarily stunned. During this time, you can get a few heavy attacks in to really deal some damage, you could also land a Stun Attack using ‘R’. If you don’t have any arrows, you can parry its basic antler attack to drain its stamina.

(1 of 2) First, shoot at its weak point twice

First, shoot at its weak point twice (left), then, you’ll be able to stun attack it for lots of damage when all of its stamina has been depleted. (right)

The Elk’s Attacks

The Elk has a few different attacks which he will alternate between. Most of them should be avoided by dodging/rolling.

  • Antler Attack - This is its most basic attack. When you’re attacking it face on, it will use its antlers to hit you. You can either dodge these attacks or parry them using ‘Q’. Parrying also drains stamina, which can be useful if you have no arrows to shoot its weak point!

  • Antler Charge - The Elk will retreat back to the pond and then charge at you full force. It’s best to avoid this attack using a dodge/roll, but you can also block it if you have a shield. You could also shoot it in the head using your bow just as it begins to charge.

  • Bucking its back legs - The Elk will only do this when you’re attacking it from behind. To avoid the kick, dodge and the land an attack or two on its side.

  • Antler and Kick combo - You cannot parry this attack and you’ll just have to dodge or roll to get out of its way. The Elk will fling you up into the air using its antlers and then kick you away with its hind legs. You’ll take a fair bit of damage from this attack and you’ll also be momentarily incapacitated on the floor from the fling.

(1 of 4) The antler attack will be its most frequent attack.

When attacking the Elk, you should always be keeping an eye out for the red mist that indicates an attack is coming. For the most part, you should attack the Elk in between its attacks. You can also use your bow to shoot it in the head to deal some extra damage. Once the stamina has been drained, the Elk will be significantly weaker so that should be your main focus before trying to kill it straight away.

When you’ve defeated the Elk, you’ll receive some EXP, 15 Leather pieces and the Head of the Elk of Bloody Peaks. When you speak to Wallace in the Hunter’s Hut in your settlement, he will mount the Elk Head in your longhouse as a trophy!

The Elk’s head will make a great trophy!

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