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Oaths & Honour

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the Oaths & Honour quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes how to defeat Bjorn in the flyting contest.

Oaths & Honour, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete Oaths & Honour

This is the first narrative quest in the Valhalla Discovery Tour. You’ll be introduced to two new characters: Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda, an ambitious couple who live in the historic town of Stavanger, near modern day Oslo in Norway. As you progress through the quest you’ll be introduced to the themes of the discovery tour, including the role of Learnings and Behind the Scenes content, which are the two main sources of information offered in the discovery tour game mode. Each time you encounter a new piece of information related to Viking Age history or behind the scenes of the making of the game, a new entry will be added in their respective sections of the Codex. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’ll take you through this first quest, during which Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda must recover their honour.

Walk with Gunnhilda

As you walk through the streets of Stavanger with Gunnhilda, you’ll encounter characters such as Trygg and Ulf. The latter will comment on Gunnhilda’s fine woolen cloak that she sold to Ulf, as a gift for his mother. This is a brief insight into the prestige afforded to those who were skilled in weaving during the Viking Age.

As you encounter new characters and speak with them, things that are mentioned in passing will also be added to the Learnings section, for you to read now or later. You don’t need to interact with every new Learning or Behind the Scenes icon that you come across now. You’ll always have the freedom to roam Stavanger at any time to discover all the information that the discovery tour has to offer, so don’t worry if you miss some icons as Gunnhilda walks the streets.

Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda will eventually encounter Mikjel, who claims that Thorsteinn is an oathbreaker. When questioned, Mikjel states that they should discuss the matter with a man named Bjorn. From here you’ll need to go to Bjorn’s market stall to advance the quest, which is located to the east of Mikjel. When you arrive, a cutscene will begin during which Bjorn accuses Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda of plotting to murder Bjorn and his crew, by crafting them a rotten sail.

It would seem Bjorn has already convinced his crew that Thorsteinn is dishonourable, and his next move is to announce this in the court of King Harald. Hope is not yet lost, however. After the scene, Gunnhilda states that she will gather the support of the wives, also known as the “freewomen”, who are responsible maintaining the economy and reputation of their respective households. Meanwhile, Thorsteinn must now search for evidence that Bjorn has attempted to frame him.

Find Evidence That Bjorn Is Lying

To find the evidence, you’ll be engaging in a classic investigation of the area, as you’ve probably done countless times in the main story of the game. There are three pieces of evidence that you’ll need to examine, as follows:

  • Examine the tapestry at the market stall
  • Speak with Dagnor near the shore to the west
  • Examine the sail in the boat west of Dagnor

(1 of 3) You'll need to examine the rotten sail at Bjorn's market stall.

Rally Allies to Your Cause & Head to the Assembly

Once you’ve completed the investigation with the above steps, make your way southwest and interact with the platform to rally your allies. This will occur in the form of a cutscene, after which you’ll need to head to the assembly at the Harholl stave church to the northwest. Once there, speak with Gunnhilda and then approach the assembly to begin another cutscene, leading to a flyting duel (or mannjafnadr, verbal jousts) with Bjorn.

How to Defeat Bjorn in Flyting Contest

The scene in the Harholl stave church inevitably leads to a flying contest with Bjorn. You’ll be familiar with the structure of these if you’ve played through the main game already, which offers numerous flyting contests throughout the story. The same principles apply here; you’ll need to listen carefully and choose the most appropriate dialogue within the limited time given. If you want to be sure that you make the right choices, we’ve included them below.

Bjorn: “I’m the finest of navigators, at home on the sea!”

Answer: (option 3): “Yet the ships and the rations were hand-picked by me.”

Bjorn: “I was the first to be picked for this crew!”

Answer: (Option 1): “And Harald sought me when he already had you.”

Bjorn: “How can he believe you are the better choice? You’re playing him for a fool! You’re a liar, a thief, a-and a braggart, a pest!”

Answer: (Option 3): “My worst is still better than you at your best.”

After the contest with Bjorn, Harald will pronounce judgement upon him and ask those in attendance for their support. A short while after, Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda’s reputation is restored, and the quest will end. You’re now free to roam Stavanger and explore at your own pace.

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