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Puppets and Prisoners

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Report to Cynebert at Folcanstan

This quest begins immediately after The Abbot’s Gambit. Now that you’ve identified Tedmund as the new ealdorman of Cent, it’s time to report the news back to Cynebert. You’ll find him at Folcanstan, on the coast west of Dover Fortress.

When you arrive at Folcanstan, you’ll find Cynebert speaking with Basim by the docks. Speak with them to begin a cutscene, during which you’ll have a few dialogue options to run through. It doesn’t matter what you choose here. After the scene you’ll need to follow Basim to the village of Beamasfield in the north. You’ll want to mount up, so call your horse.

(1 of 3) The location of Folcanstan, west of Dover Fortress.

Kidnap Tedmund from Beamasfield

When you arrive just south of Beamasfield, Basim will dismount. At this point you can use your raven to scout the village. When you enter the village, you’ll need to put your cloak on to avoid being seen by the guards. Don’t get too close to any guards and avoid making any sudden movements when they’re watching. You can make use of the thick foliage on the boundaries of the village, and then follow its trail into the heart of the village. You’ll find Tedmund in a large building in the north of Beamasfield.

If you want to kidnap him without alerting all the guards in the village, you’ll need to take out the guards surrounding him with stealth assassinations. But don’t worry if you fail to do this quietly; you can kill all the guards and still take Tedmund. Just be careful not to harm any civilians as this will cause you to desynchronize. When the guards in the building where Tedmund can be found are dead, you’ll find him cowering nearby. Tie him up and take him north.

(1 of 5) Use your raven to scout the building where Tedmund may be found.

When you bring Tedmund to the edge of the stone circle to the north, a cutscene will begin. You will discover that the man you kidnapped isn’t actually Tedmund, but rather a man named Shergar, Tedmund’s double. Near the end of the scene you will need to decide whether to take Shergar with you, or inform the Abbot that he can do what he wants with him. The choice has no significant impact on the story outcome, but we chose to bring Shergar with us, since we’re still not sure whether or not the Abbot can be trusted.

Follow Shergar to the Dane Camp

When you’re done with the scene at the stone circle, follow Shergar to the Dane Camp in the north. There will be an exchange of words between Eivor and Shergar along the way, so be sure to listen in. Once you reach the camp you’ll find that it has already been attacked. Approach the captain with Shergar to begin a brief scene. At this point you can choose to attack the guards in the camp immediately, or negotiate with them first. If you choose to negotiate, this will result in the guards leaving with Shergar at the end of the scene. Either way, when you’re done with the scene you’ll need to free the captured Danes. A cutscene will play from here, and then a longer one with Basim after that. This contains a moving scene between Eivor and Basim, so be sure to watch it. When it’s done, the quest will end.

(1 of 3) Follow Shergar to the camp, or if you didn't bring him with you, approach the camp and kill the Saxons.


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