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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Black Shuck

Scott Peers

Location: Black Shuck (Legendary Animal) Mystery.


This page will offer a guide on where to locate and how to defeat the Legendary Animal, Black Shulk in East Anglia.

Fighting the Black Shuck

The Black Shuck is located within some roman ruins northeast of Sutton Hoo. It is one of nine legendary animals located in the world. The Black Shuck is a fast and rabid dog. During this fight one of its tactics will be to run around its lair, making it difficult to shoot arrows at him.

The Black Shuck’s Attacks

  • Light attack (orange) - With this attack, the dog will back up slightly then lunge to bite at you for a little bit of damage. It is a quick attack but it should definitely be parried not dodged. Parrying this attack will briefly knock the dog out and you’ll be able to either shoot its weak points whilst it’s down or deal some damage with your melee weapon. Parrying and shooting weak points depletes stamina, and when the stamina bar is completely drained, you’ll be able to get a powerful stun attack in.

  • Charge attack (red) - During this attack, the dog will run from you into one of the corners of its lair then charge full speed at you. This attack cannot be parried and should instead be dodged. Dodging this attack with the Brush with Death skill equipped will mean that time will slow down for a brief time and you can get some uncontested damage in. If you miss the dodge and he lands this attack on you, he will shove you to the ground and bite at you repeatedly. During this time you’ll need to mash left click on your mouse to prevent huge amounts of damage. He will still take a load of your health during this power attack though.

(1 of 3) Most of the time, Black Shuck will perform orange attacks to try to lunge and bite at you.

During this fight, it’s better not to chase it around and instead let it come to you. This way, you can be ready to parry his attacks to knock him out. You shouldn’t bother trying to shoot him as he’s super agile. Instead, just focus your efforts on parrying to incapacitate, then you can shoot at its weak points whilst it’s down. Each of his limbs are a weak point, so he has four bars of stamina. After you’ve damaged him to half health, he will start performing his charge attack quite frequently, but so long as you dodge it as he runs at you, then you shouldn’t have too much of an issue at all.

One huge tip to live by during this fight is to not dodge too much. It’s tempting to do so because the dog runs around so much. But your best bet is to just stay still and only dodge if he’s about to power attack or you don’t have the timings right for a successful parry attack. If you do get caught out a few times, and you’ve used up your ration supplies, there are a few mushroom patches in the lair that you could utilise.

Once you’ve defeated the Black Shuck you’ll be rewarded with +39 Leather, Black Shuck’s Head and +2 Skill Points.

(1 of 2) Shoot the Black Shuck’s weak points whilst its stunned to deplete its stamina bar

Shoot the Black Shuck’s weak points whilst its stunned to deplete its stamina bar (left), then you’ll be able to perform a huge damaging stun attack. (right)

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