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New Life, New Lands

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the New Life, New Lands quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes correct dialogue choices with Salim and Sister Odelyn at Thorsteinn’s shop.

New Life, New Lands, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete New Life, New Lands

Join Trygg at the Docks

The quest begins with Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda discussing the upcoming marriage of Trygg, their former slave, and Eadith, a Christian resident of Jorvik. After the cutscene, you’ll need to join Trygg at the nearby docks. The quickest way to them is over the bridge to the east, then head south along the path and through the market. When you arrive at the docks Thorsteinn and Trygg will begin talking. You’ll then need to pick up one of the boxes of goods which have recently arrived, and take them to the shop to the north.

As you reach the shop, walk toward the stall to put the goods on the ground. Thorsteinn and Trygg will finish talking, and Thorsteinn will state that he needs to make a few sales to cover the cost of Trygg’s wedding gift. Thankfully, there are plenty of customers around. However, in order to make a profit you’ll need to select the appropriate dialogue choices with each customer. We’ve detailed these below for your convenience.

Correct Dialogue Choices at Thorsteinn’s Shop

How to Respond to Salim

The first customer to come to Thorsteinn’s shop is a man named Salim, who has travelled from the Caliphate in search of gifts for the wedding of his daughter. He requires the following:

Salim: “I need sixteen ells (eight meters) of wool, the pelt of a large bear, and three pots of summer honey. I hear your prices are excellent.”

Answer (Option 2): “Make a small profit”

How to Respond to Sister Odelyn

The second customer isn’t actually a customer, rather a nun named Sister Odelyn. She is seeking help for the sick and the poor, but you don’t want to give too much on this day, as you won’t be able to cover the cost of the wedding gift if you do.

Sister Odelyn: “Good day to you, sir. We’re looking for donations to help the sick and the poor. Do you have anything you could offer?”

Answer (Option 2): “The season has been poor, I can only spare mead and smoked meat.”

Sister Odelyn will be more than happy with this offer, and thanks you for providing it. The next person you’ll see is Bjorn, who needs help to pay off a debt to Guthrum. Thorsteinn will offer to help here, but there’s no dialogue choice associated with it.

Visit the Rune Carver at Forseti’s Rest

Once you’re done with the customers at the shop, it’s time to speak with the rune carver at Forseti’s Rest. You’ll find her to the south of the shop. When you arrive, Thorsteinn will state that he’s looking to have a rune carved to commemorate his own marriage to Gunnhilda. At this point you’ll have a few options to customize the runestone. It doesn’t actually matter what you choose here, but keep in mind that granite is generally more durable than limestone. The other choices relate to the type of message that you want inscribed on the stone, and the type of stone in terms of its association with the Christian faith or with paganism.

Attend Trygg’s Wedding & Go Home With Gunnhilda

After you’ve chosen the type of runestone that you want you’ll need to find and speak with Trygg, who can be found to the west of the rune carver. When you speak with Trygg you can follow him to the wedding, at which point you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Brother Ealric, and Eadith, Trygg’s future wife. A cutscene will then play as the wedding takes place. At the end of the ceremony, you’ll need to talk home with Gunnhilda. However, this idyllic day is soon interrupted by the arrival of Bjorn, who pleads Thorsteinn for help with his trouble. Despite Gunnhilda’s pleas, Thorsteinn agrees to go with Bjorn, and this leads to his disappearance after Gunnhilda searches for him in a dreamlike state. The quest will end after this sequence.

(1 of 5) Carry the goods from the docks.

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