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A Love Betrayed

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after The Stolen King. Now that you’ve secured the safety of Tewdwr and exposed Cynon as a traitor, it’s time to confront Cynon in Glowecestre.

Search for Cynon in Glowecestre

When you reach Glowecestre, Eivor will mention the longhouse as a good place to start searching for Cynon. Make your way there and discover that Cynon isn’t present. Instead, you’ll need to speak with Brigid, who can be found at the southern end of the longhouse. You can say whatever you want here.

How To Enter the Church

After the conversation, you’ll need to speak with a party organiser outside the longhouse, at the northern end. The woman will tell you that Cynon has gone to pray in the church, and that you’d need to find someone named Geva to acquire a key to the church. While you can do this by speaking with another organiser at the market to the northwest, and then carrying a crate to the church, you can also simply force your way into the church by breaking a window at its northern end. Either way, once you’re in the church you’ll find Cynon at its northern end, behind a wooden barricade.

(1 of 5) Speak with Brigid in the longhouse at Glowecestre.

Kill or Spare Cynon?

Once you break the wooden barricade in the church, a cutscene with Cynon will begin. The initial dialogue will have no consequences, but when it comes to deciding whether to kill or spare Cynon, note that this will have only minor consequences. If you want to find out what these are, read the spoilers below. Otherwise, choose as you wish.

What happens if you kill Cynon?Show Spoiler

If you kill Cynon, nothing much will change other than that you will need to kill Modron after fighting her in a later quest. The burning of the wicker-man will go ahead, but Cynon will not be present in the cage when it burns.

What happens if you spare Cynon?Show Spoiler

If you spare Cynon, you will still need to fight Modron but her death is not inevitable, as you will have the option to spare her. The burning of the wicker-man will go ahead as planned, with Cynon dying in the cage.

Once you’ve made your decision, the quest will end.


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