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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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The Masters

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after defeating Malvigr. Now that Havi has extracted what he needs from Malvigr, he seeks the aid of the dwarf masters Ivaldi, Sindri, and Brokkr.

Ivaldi, Dawn of Ragnarok.

Meet with Ivaldi

The first thing you’ll need to do is find and meet with Ivaldi in the ruins of an old workshop. The ruins of the workshop aren’t too far from the dam where you fought Malvigr, just a few hundred metres to the southeast. You can fly there quickly as a Raven if you have Power of the Raven ready, otherwise you’ll need to scramble over some mountains or go around them.

When you arrive at the workshop Ivaldi will be surprised to find that you have a Salakar. He’ll reveal that they aren’t actually associated with the sagas of the dwarves, but instead the tales of the light elves, also known as the children of light. Havi will express some regret that he didn’t aid the light elves when they were beset by Surtr, and that only afterwards did he learn of how Surtr devoured the elves’ immortal light, hugr by hugr. He wonders whether this light is what gives Surtr the ability to renew himself after death.

Meanwhile, Eysa shows up and informs Havi that her father (Surtr) may be willing to trade with Havi, offering the return of his son Baldr in exchange for the Salakar. Eysa now goes to find her mother, Sinmara, to begin the process of arranging the trade.

It seems obvious that Surtr would have learned more about the power of a Salakar when he defeated the light elves. The question is what did he learn, and what does he intend to do with that knowledge? To find answers, Havi will need the skills of the dwarves. Ivaldi states that he will require the help of other dwarves, who might be found at the nearby Hodda Shelter.

Speak with Dwarves at the Hodda Shelter

The Hodda Shelter is roughly 900 metres to the southwest of the old workshop ruin where you spoke with Ivaldi. You can make your way there by horse or on foot, but you can also just fast travel there at this point to save some time. Once you’re inside, it won’t be obvious who you should speak to unless you use Odin’s Sight to highlight the relevant NPCs. You’ll need to speak with each of these to eventually be directed to their chief, Oglehr. IF you try to speak with Oglehr first he will most likely shun you until you’ve spoken with the others, but you can find him near the centre of the main chamber.

Speak with Brokkr and Ivaldi at Night

Oglehr will tell you that he hasn’t seen Sindri in a few weeks, not since he went off adventuring. Brokkr is still around, but you can only meet him at the Hodda Shelter during the night. You can just use the action wheel to meditate at this point if it isn’t already night time. A cutscene will begin in the main chamber when you walk to the centre of it. The cutscene will trigger a dialogue between Brokkr and Ivaldi, as they squabble about what it takes to be a true master. However, Havi is only interested in the location of Sindri, and Brokkr tells him that Sindri went looking for a special mead, which is most likely the same mead that belongs to Suttungr, and that Havi tried to steal during A Feast to Remember.

Find Sindri at the Brewery in Alethorp

Now that Havi has been given a lead as to the possible location of Sindri, it’s time to go looking for him at a brewery located south of the Hodda Shelter, in a place called Alethorp. When you arrive you’ll notice that there are numerous Jotnar and Muspels in the area, so you can either choose to sneak around and kill them silently, or jump into the fray and confront them directly. Either way, you’ll need to look for one guard who carries a key to the house where you’ll find clues about Sindri’s whereabouts. Just look for the guard with the key icon above their head, and be sure to use Odin’s Sight if you don’t see it immediately.

Investigate the Storeroom

Once you have the key from the guard you can use your raven to locate the storeroom which requires it to get inside. There are guards at the door of this building, but if you climb on the roof from the back you can assassinate them from the air with ease. Inside the building you’ll find a number of clues which gradually reveal what happened to Sindri as he was tortured for information. You may need to use Odin’s Sight to keep highlighting the clues if you’re having trouble locating them. After interacting with all of the clues, a brief cutscene will play which tells the whole story, indicating that Sindri will most likely be found at a makeshift prison known as Jarnshus.

(1 of 4) Locate the guard holding the key to the storeroom.

Find Sindri at Jarnshus

You’ll find Jarnshus not too far away to the southwest of Alethorp. When you get there you’ll need to kill the guards and then locate the body of Sindri in a fire pit. Sadly, it turns out that the dwarf was tortured and eventually killed. Once you’ve dealt with all the guards, you’ll need to use the Power of Muspelheim to access Sindri and carry the body out of the pit without being harmed. If you don’t already have the power equipped to your Hugr-Rip, remember that you can always extract it from a nearby Muspel if necessary.

Carry Sindri back to Brokkr at Hodda Shelter

Now that you’ve located Sindri, there isn’t much you can do for him. All you can do now is take his body back to Brokkr at the Hodda Shelter. The quickest way to do this is by placing Sindri on the back of your horse, then riding to the southern cave entrance of the shelter. Once inside, a cutscene will begin during which Brokkr mourns the death of his brother. While Havi is also saddened by the death of Sindri, he realizes that this is his chance to secure the help of Brokkr. The quest will end soon after.

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